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2014 HOA Meeting

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I've been trying to do homework for the HOA meeting this Thursday.

            Of course with the snow last week, I've not caught up with anyone at NCDOT. I wanted to check on the actual work thru our neighborhood with the person in the know. Questions like: when they are finished with their work at the pond will the area be strong enough for us to dam the water and start the refill. How large of a drain pipe will be installed under the road. And the best way to restrict the flow of water there to refill our pond.

If they have no plan about the pond, this will be a news worthy event. Lots of pictures and reporters at the opening day to ask why we are "Forest UN-Pond Subdivision"

Do we have a DOT rep. coming to our meeting? Has anyone contacted the media to come and listen in Thursday? Might be a good idea.


            Also looking at the neighborhood vehicle parking rewrite that we are being asked to vote on. This new write up seems very restrictive to me. Looks like we need much more discussion before there is a vote called.

Here's what I find with this amendment:

The commercial vehicle definition guidelines are unreasonable.


#3 no visible equipment, including ladder racks, tool boxes, or hydraulic lifts.

            Most Pickup trucks use tools boxes for safe storage.

            Handicap vehicles need lifts.

            Does this count roof racks for canoes, kayaks, bikes and skis?

#4 A gross vehicle weight in excess of 7500 lbs.

            This would prohibit most all Pickup trucks, Full size Vans and large SUV's.???

            Conversion Vans and Handicap vehicles too.

#5 vehicles designed to carry more than 7 passengers.

            This would prohibit most large SUV's , Station wagons, and many small SUV's.??

#6 having or requiring a "commercial" license plate.

            What constitutes a "commercial" tags? Who is making this decision for us? Why             would we let them?

            This should be spelled out better.


The state and the City ofCharlottealready have ordinances in play for most of this stuff.

The state says:

(b) Commercial Motor Vehicles. – A commercial

motor vehicle, or a motor vehicle with a

GVWR of 10,001 pounds or more that is engaged in commerce, that is being used to tow a load or that

has a load that protrudes from the rear or sides of the vehicle shall comply with the provisions of 49

C.F.R. Part 393. (1937, c. 407, s. 81; 1985, c. 455; 1997-178, s. 1; 2005-361, s

. 2; 2009-376, s. 4


Charlottealso has rules for broken down, non tagged and expired tagged vehicles along with the city's residential parking rules below.


The City ofCharlotte's residential restrictions as of 2004 are:

What does the ordinance prohibit?
Overnight parking of large commercial vehicles in residential neighborhoods. It also restricts overnight parking of light and medium commercial vehicles to no more than one per dwelling. Medium commercial vehicles must be parked on a clearly delineated driveway and cannot be parked in the public street.

Large commercial vehicles are defined as those weighing more than 13,000 pounds or those less than 13,000 pounds but with a height of more than 9.5 feet including installed accessories and/or a cargo area/work platform more than 14 feet in length.

Light commercial vehicles are defined as those weighing less than 13,000 pounds and a cargo area/work platform that is less than the height of the vehicle cab and no more than 9 feet in length.

Medium commercial vehicles are defined as those weighing less than 13,000 pounds with a cargo area/work platform that is less than 9.5 feet in height and no more than 14 feet in length.

What is the purpose of the ordinance?
The ordinance supports the City's model vision of a clean and nuisance-free environment for allCharlotte neighborhoods. The ordinance also comes in response to citizen complaints.

What is the effective date of the ordinance?
The ordinance becomes effective April 20, 2004. 

What is the penalty for violating the ordinance?
Warning tickets will be issued upon the first violation. The second violation carries a $50 fine. The third violation carries a fine of up to $200, with fines of up to $500 for the fourth violation. Fines will be imposed beginning April 20.


The city and our current covenants do not prohibit commercial vehicles in our neighborhood. The city clarifies what is acceptable to be parked in your driveway. Going overboard on restrictions to only have minivans and smaller cars here will discriminate against all of the professional sales and service people that work and live here. These are the people that actually pay their HOA dues and help our community.

These are just my thoughts on why it will be important to vote NO on this upcoming amendment on Thursday.

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