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Am I correct in believing that is is against our HOA regulations to park a vehicle in the street overnight? I have a neighbor who is parking in the street/circle EVERYDAY. Their car is in fact often blocking their next door neighbor's mailbox. Can something be done about this? I have left a very professional and appropriate reminder to the neighbor, highlighting previous newsletters that state this is an offense but nothing has changed. I'm concerned by this continual violation and the hazard that this car could cause if emergency vehicles needed to get into our circle. It's a nuisance and detracts from the beauty of our neighborhood. Furthermore, this neighbor has a car in the driveway that is not in running condition (broken out headlights). I also thought this was in violation of our HOA regulations. Who can I speak with to resolve this?

By Concerned and Frustrated
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Talk directly to Roger at Cline & Co. Probably won't so a damn thing about it, though. They don't enoforce anything around this neighborhood anymore. I've lived (not ''stayed''..I actually OWN my home) here since 1998. I've seen this neighborhood go steadily DOWN in regards to quality of people, responsibility, and overall care. There are at least 4 rental propeties on my street alone. The very fact that they're raising are dues because they can't (Won't) enforce payments is a good example that our HOA is nothing but a bureaucratic entity. What makes them think the good standing residents of Forest Pond will pick up the slack for all the LOSERS that now reside here? And, for that are they going to enforce dues payments?

Sorry...just had to air that out. Back to your concern. There have been various vehicles (out of state tags) and generally at least 2 to 3 parked at the stop sign on the corner of Spanish Moss and Black Walnut Lane for the past couple of years! The first year I was here I moved my car to the curb to clean out my garage one weekend night and received a warning in the mail the very next week that I could be subject to a $100 fine!

Good luck with your disrespecful neighbor. If it were me, I'd have the vehicle towed away at my own expense.

For Concerned and Frustrated

I don't live in your community, but I was checking out your site on Neighborhood link because we use this site as well for our community. Anyway, the issues that you're raising about overnight street parking, blocking of mailboxes, broken down cars in the driveway, are all legislated by the city ordinances. Call 3-1-1 or go to and go to the 3-1-1 page to submit the reports. Problems like this should be reported directly to 3-1-1 because though they may be against your neighborhood covenants, more importantly they're against the city ordinances. That means you can have the city (zoning officer and police) enforce these simple to live by rules.

Good luck.

By Adrienne
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