new hoa

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new hoa

if anything, THIS hoa is lax in enforcing rules! patty g dosent have the greatest follow-up.the idea that we scrap the current hoa and start a ''new'' one is quite laughable. there is NOTHING heavyhanded AT ALL with our current hoa.the problem lies with homeowners who feel that they can do whatever because ''its my house''.well folks, its other peoples homes too! its just common sense that dictates compliance with rules and regulations.if you want to be a ''free spirit'', check out black canyon city, anything goes there.
new hoa

Stop the generalities. Exactly how many unhappy homeowners have posted in here complaining about the hoa? Hardly a groundswell! Im not retired,but i sure expect the other homeowners to comply with the contract they signed before they bought.give me a break and clean up after yourselves.
home values

If you took the money that is paid in HOA fees and put it away you would be way ahead monetarially and happier than with this hoa. I hope to secure the records of expenditures and have the board investigated for fraud or mismanagement or BOTH

By litigate

I would like to see a budget...I have never recieved one...where is our money going...I don't see any upgrades to the area.
There is still a huge hole near a streetlight that has not been fixed...?

Where's our money being spent...?
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