Where’s Robinhood?

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Today’s police state is reminiscent of the days of old, when the Sheriff of Nottingham would ride around the country-side collecting revenue, at the tip of a sword.

No one was safe from the tyranny. Taxes were collected at all costs, regardless of the consequences. Well the consequences are apparent today in the escalation of neighborhood break-ins, car thefts, child abductions, and gang related violence, to mention only a few. These are all issues that occur in the residential neighborhoods, where we are now lacking the visible presence of our local law enforcement officers. The only time you see an officer in a residential neighborhood, is when someone has called in a problem. Even when you call in to report a problem the dispatcher will ask if you really need them to send an officer out. They would rather take your info over the phone so that they can prepare a report for you to give your insurance company. They don’t even want to be bothered with actually coming out to investigate and look for clues. Where is the profit in that. Certainly no tickets to write. If anything, they may actually catch the criminal and then have to arrest them, file reports, and not be out on the highway getting that revenue coming in.

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