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I bought a home in Meadowbrook a few years ago and got a lemon. Since then it seems all I do is pay for repairs, on top of it, I'm constantly receiving letters from the HOA regarding minor repairs. Most of them I've completed but my biggest problem now is the fence. I can't afford to repair it as I'm needing to also replace the AC. I have already had the whole house replumbed due to having bad pipes when I bought it.

I have driven throughout the area and found that there are many homes that have bad fences too as well as different types of block fences. I wonder if everyone is receiving the letters and are also being fined as I have been told that I would be this Thursday.

I currently rent the house because I'm not able to sell it, I'm paying $400 monthly on top of the rental payment to make the mortgage and I'm extremely frustrated with the HOA.

I'd like to get advice or hear from anyone in my same situation.




My husband and I are looking to buy a home in Meadowbrook. We love the look of the community but a friend of ours warned us about HOA's, any HOA's, are potentially a bothersome nuisance in life. After seeing your post, I am concerned about buying in Meadowbrook now. What are your dealings with the Meadowbrook HOA and would you buy in Meadowbrook again?

Hello Neighbor, yes i agree with you on your lemon assessment, but every house in this subdivision is a lemon. I moved in the neighborhood in 1985. I've replaced all my pipes inside and out. 

The electrical system is a joke as well.  On your fence issue I had my street facing fence replaced with block. I just had it done, without consulting the " Architectural committee. I'ts just slump block with a red cap block and a metal fence. Who can argue with that. I did that about a year ago, and I did hear from the HOA and they bascally said next time consult with them.

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This HOA is a joke, led by Ken Inskeep 219 7200 he is a ignorant pompus j hole!

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