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Finding available parking in the Alamitos Beach neighborhoods is nearly impossible. Many people have more than one vehicle, one of which is not used and only moved for street cleaning. Others park irresponsibly, such as too far from the beginning or end of the curbs, making parking another car there impossible. There are too many garages being used to store classic (never used) cars and personal items and not being used to park an in-use car. What can be done about this parking problem? Resident permits perhaps??
Parking & Responsibility

Is parking a problem here in Alamitos Beach, of course. Are people generally taking advantage and making the problem worse, sure. I understand this. However, I don't understand how everyone can stand on their soapbox and lambast the city for not addressing their problems. Here's a novel concept...personal responsibility. Buy or rent a place with off street parking next time. I realize this is a bit simplistic, but most of the complaints I hear ignore this responsibility and place it squarely on the shoulders of the city. I support more parking. However, I hope that it is fee-based. I also support permits (with increasing fees for each additional car permitted). How about enforcing existing regulations? Ticket people who park in alleys or red-zones. As it stands, parking is only inconvenient for law abiding citizens. Come on, we live in a market economy, let's act like it.

By josh

We can gain more street parking for residents and visitors if residents with garages use them for parking of their registered and operating vehicle(s) instead of using garages primarily for the storing of personal stuff which is illegal. Report cars in the area that are not properly registered (562.435.6711). They must be properly registered to be on the street or in driveways.

By Ron
re: Parking

Ron, I'm pretty sure it's not illegal to use a garage ''primarily for the storing of personal stuff.'' The city, or whomever it is that you think should enforce that law, doesn't have the right to tell you that a room cannot be used to store ''personal stuff'' (which I think would include vehicles!)

By James
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