Fiber Optics ROCK!!!

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Let's send a flyer that announces the website and encourage homeowners to use it to express their interest in having Verizon (at no cost to us) install fiber optic cables so we can give the other providers competition, enjoy the benefits of this much faster Internet access, and increase our property values by providing the same resources many of the communities around us enjoy.


Post a reply with your thoughts or to just show support for this important issue!

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I can say that without a doubt the single most important thing I would like to see happen to our community is allowing Verizon to lay down Fiber Optic Cable (FIOS). It's rediculous how much faster it is than what our neighborhood currently is capable of receiving. It's even sweeter to know that they would come here, install the Fiber Optics for FIOS (Verizon's Internet and Television) into the street for no charge. They only make money on it if a homeowner chooses to abandon their current TV and or Internet services like DireTV or Dish Network and switch to FIOS. Why our HOA fails to see it as a win/win boggles my mind. In addition this is a great way to raise the value of our homes and keep our properties competitive with surrounding communities. I'll definately be voting for Ed so we can get the 2nd vote needed on the board to approve this.

-Colin Dowey

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