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Buyer, BEWARE! I leased this unit from Roper from December 26, 2009 until he TEXED me December 11, 2010, that a family member lost their job and leeded a place to live, I needed to vacate the unit!During the course of almost one year, all maintenance that was done I PAID for and deducted from my rent! The previous tenant left the hose behind the refrigerator leaking and a repairman Roper called came by the fix it, because Roper lived so far away,he asked if I could pay the man, I agreed to pay for the services and deducted it from my actual first months rent. The garage door was about to fall, someone had damaged it from the outside, possibly backing into it, I had it replaced and deducted from the rent. The next month the air conditioner stopped working during the night, I called the HOA maintenance man Mr. Palpan and he replaced one part on the outside and the air came back on; the next few weeks the ac went out again, this time it was the thermostat, maintenance replaced the thermostat and ac started to work again. Actually, the ac went out (3) three time and all time parts were replaced and a receipt was sent to Roper to let him know and charges were deducted from rent. The final straw, I bought groceries on a Tuesday, meat, vegetables, etc., by Saturday, the luncheon meat was smelling and had green mold on it.  I then called Roper and let him know the problem. He said he would get another refrigerator. He came and picked it up on the 3rd of December and another one was not delivered until December 10, 2010. On December 11, 2010 Roper texed me and told me a family member needed to move in and I needed to move out! Not call like a man, but texting like a child.I had to move out by the 23rd of December, 2010, I have sent three requests for my $650.00 deposit, to no avail! He has ignored my request. All payments were made thru Wells Fargo bill pay, so that I would have my copies. No small claims court , U will be judged by a Judge greater than you could imagine!GOD sees everything! He's the type of landlord that has no scruples nor conscience. I am a Senior citizen and this is elder abuse. When U read this Roper, I hope you feel bad and get angry, but not as angry as I am at what you did to me.

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