Noisy Neighbors - Onslow Sheriff's Dept Unresponsive

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I have family that lives in Hubert in the Sandridge neighborhood where there's a house with some very noisy & disrespectful Marines.  These Marines are constantly revving up the engines on their array of motorcycles, along with the friends that are 'invited' over, as they take turns flying up & down the street, spinning their tires and doing donuts.  I'm sure their commanding officer(s) would not be too happy with the way they are representing the Marine Corp...


The Onslow Co. Sheriff's's Dept. has been contacted on numerous occasions by numerous families in the neighborhood, as this was even quoted back to a couple of the callers by a lady that took the complaint(s).  This same lady also stated that no one generally goes out to deal with the issue...really?!?


The neighbors have even contacted their HOA, who has stated that a 'letter' has been sent to the owner of the home, but the neighborhood has yet to see ANY relief from this continuing issue!


I personally have an issue with the Sheriff's's Dept. as there are many families in this neighborhood with children where one spouse is currently deployed, leaving the other to deal with a problem that the Sheriff's's Dept. should have already cleared up!  This could also be considered a safety issue as a child could be playing outside and inadvertently run into the path of one of these bikes.  At the very least, there's a noise ordinance matter that the Sheriff's Dept. should deal with!  

Band together with other concerned neighbors and hire an attorney.  You are entitled to equal protection under the law and no one is exempt or above the law.

I am abashed to see such behavior is being tolerated and nothing is being done by the Sheriff dept. I am also concerned as to your families’  safety, especially since you are not present there at all time. My brother-in-law faced a similar situation, so he opted for impact windows at his home. These impact windows jupiter are sound proof and keep out burglars too. Now he can leave for work without any tension concerning his families’ safety.

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