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Guinea News!

Posted in: Santa Rosa
As of last word, the missing guinea of the famous neighborhood duo did not become someone's Thanksgiving Guinea, but has been in birdie rehab for his seed habit. Just kidding, he's actually recovering from some sort of injury that one of the neighbors discovered. Hopefully, news of his progress will be posted shortly!
Guinea back home!


The injured guinea is in a leg cast and is being cared for in the back yard
at SER (285 W 18th St. #1), and seems to be doing well. His boyfriend was
hanging out nearby this a.m. The vet service was free/volunteer, but if
anyone wants to check into providing a donation for the service, please
contact the folks at SER (Soc. for Ecological Restoration).

Guinea Update

Hi everyone. I just wanted to post an update on everyone's guinea friend. He was found by one of our employees a couple of weeks ago with a broken leg, so we took him to a wildlife rehabber who put a splint on it. He has been hanging out in our backyard at our office (285 W 18th St), getting fine catered food and water, and his buddy has been visiting him daily. Last night, he felt well enough to fly over the fence, so I think it will be time for the splint to come off soon. Hopefully the leg was able to heal okay. He seems to be hopping around on one leg with no problem, although not as quick as he is with two good legs.
Donations Toward Guinea Care

Hi everyone.

Our guinea boy is still holding his recuperating leg up, but he is able to fly and hop, so we'll just continue to keep an eye on him.

I know that several people asked about making donations toward the care of the injured guinea. The volunteer wildlife rehabilitator that helped us would not accept any payment for his services, even though we offered several times. However, we would like to pass along the information about the Tucson Wildlife Center, the local nonprofit organization that referred us to the rehabilitator and his bird sanctuary. I've made a year-end donation to TWC, and I encourage anyone who would like to support this important work to do so as well. I know they are in the middle of a campaign to raise funds to build a full-service wildlife hospital in Tucson. I am sure they, and the animals, would appreciate any gift in honor of the guineas, if you feel so inclined. Their website is http://www.tucsonwildlife.com/.

Also, I purchased two additional Guinea Xing signs, if anyone knows of good locations where we can put them up.

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