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Sept. 2007 concerns area safety

Posted in: San Gabriel
Please be aware that August and Spet. 2007 have been scary for some neighbors. Several homes closer to the DbtlTree Hotel were broken into - rear doors bashed in and many items taken. On Sept 12th, my neighbors scared off a dark haired man in a long sleeve white t-shirt and dark pants; the man was looking in my windows and attempted to open my wrought iron door (it was locked up tight). My neighbors dog barked and alerted them - I NEVER heard the person, nor did my own dogs (odd); and I was sitting RIGHT there, home at the time - there was no doubt he knew I was home. Also, a young man was seen photographing homes of at least 2 single women - when asked what he was doing he said he was a real estste agent (I might believe him if he had been an appraiser, but agents don't photograph homes when homes are NOT even for sale - they go online!). The man told the person checking him out to, ''Mind your own business.'' Someone was also seen looking in mailboxes in the Springtime - no post office sends people out to do this! To my neighbors I say...please be aware of what is going on around you. Call 911 if you suspect anyone is not supposed to be where you see them. Better to be safe.
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Neighborhood crime

I would like to think that Sahnnon's story is an isolated case, unfortunately I have heard several stories that indicate a possible increase of crime in our neighborhood. Thank goodness so far all are '' non-violent '' but as we all know, one may lead to the other. I know my neighbors appreciate me being ''nosey''. Too many people feel they shouldn't get involved and mind their own business. Thank goodness Shannon's neighbors were on the alert when they saw somthing that wasn't right. I would love to see a neighborhood watch formed. This needs to be done as a group, preferably by street or block. Any volunteers?
Neighborhood watch

Wendy - my neighbors are largely renters. Two homes seem to switch people often. One has quite a bit of domestic violence noise coming from it. I am more than concerned to say the least. Thankfully, the people across the street (the Mom is Kelly) have lived here for 6 years. They moved to SG because of rampant crime on the southside - they are great about watching all that goes around; evidently they don't miss much -they have a large family, and thus many eyes! Evidently they know more about me, and my schedule, than I thought possible. If they do, others may also. Ditto that for ALL of us, on all streets, and in all homes; we don't know when an unknown person is watching us - if I missed it, ANYONE can miss it; I am trained to be observant, and I failed to hear, or notice, this man walking around my home. Luckily, my house is secure. I am going to personally go to all my neighbors and ask they participate in the next group meeting. I hope everyone will do the same. I want to put up posters before our next meeting to increase attendance. I especially want to see what all my neighbors think - renters as well.

By Shanon
You got that right

You are half right you are a nosey individual but no, most of your neighbors don?’t appreciate it. You drive around the neighborhood spying on people with a camera in your X-terra. You call the Gestapo (a.k.a. Parkwise) on your fellow neighbors and are an overall nuisance to the people whom you claim to want to be closer with. We are actively seeking a petition for your resignation from the board as we can no longer tolerate your Nazi attitude. We do seek some peace and solitude and like not being in each other daily lives. And if the intentions of the neighborhood association were so that we could all spy on each other, then you are succeeding. If however the goal was to bring us closer as a group of people who live in the same area, well then you are failing terribly. Tell me why it is that you harass your neighbors? What is the big deal if we park on our easements? Parkwise has told me personally they would not ticket people unless ''the neighborhood association'' called them. Those were the words out of the ticketing officer?’s mouth. Why do you only pick and choose who to call your dogs on? There are several persons whom have lived in the neighborhood longer than you and are fed up with your tactics. I know that if I get a ticket again we will be discussing this in person at your residence! If you can have others do your dirty work then you can at least explain yourself to my face.

An upset neighbor
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