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An excellent website is www.municode.com, click on the online library, then click on Arizona, then Tucson then codes/ ordinances, and index will appear, look for Article 7 Chapter 20 codes for parking.
There are specific ordinances prohibiting parking between the curb and property line and even landscaping the same area in a manner which would block pedestrian passage whether the sidewalk is paved or unpaved. Two codes are very specific as to whether or not the pedestrian passage is being blocked or not. The difference between the two is the fine amounts. Not blocking is a $52, blocking is $155.
On street parking is currently a legal option for residents. In some areas of town off street parking is the only option as the city has posted no parking for various reasons including how narrow a street can be in certain areas. On street parking is a courtesy not a requirement with safety as our main concern for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Certain areas of town actually pay to park on the city street in front of their residence, hopefully you will never have to decide that as an option in your neighborhood.
In the city limits we are required to maintain and keep clear the area between our property line and curb in front and half of the alleyway behind our residence. If a property/block meets certain requirements a Temporary Revocable Easement may be leased from the city for parking purposes. This type of permit would be obtained through the City's Real Estate Department.
Mail boxes and trash receptacles can be placed near driveways, (no parking within five feet of a driveway) to help with pickup and deliveries. It is legal to park in front of a mail box unless it has a designated red zone adjacent the mailbox location. We often suggest off street parking be installed for those who don't feel it is safe to park on the street. Most times this is easily accomplished by shuffling some stuff or vehicles around in the yard, though sometimes it is a little more difficult as more permanent structures or larger items require additional resources.
Please feel free to contact me if you need more information or if we can assist in any way.

Thank you,

Ricardo Martinez
Parking Services Supervisor
Transportation Department
City of Tucson

By Bev

The above clarification of the city ordinances from Ricardo Martinez was in response to my request.

He gave permission to post his response and has offered to attend our next meeting.

I am really hoping that we can qualify for the Temporary Revocable Easement in some areas.

By Bev
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I am a resident of San Gabriel and do not want to encourage illegal parking. 

  It would be more advantageous to concentrate on issues that are productive not counter productive or sloppy. 

are there any regulations as to where you can put a driveway on your property?  Any regs as to the material used?  Where would I find this info?
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