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Dog Walking WTF!

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Can someone please tell me what planet these dog walkers have arrived from? Apparently when they got off the mother ship they didn't get the memo about walking their dogs on other peoples property nor did they read the deed restrictions which clearly states "5. No Owner or occupant of any Unit shall carry on, or permit to be carried on, any practice which unreasonably interferes with the quiet enjoyment and proper use of another Unit or the Common Area by the Owner or occupant of any other Unit, or which creates or results in a hazard or nuisance on the property."


If you did get the memo and still don't understand what all this means, let me explain it to you. You are not allowed to walk your dogs on other peoples property since it interferes with the quiet enjoyment, proper use of another property, creates a hazard and nuisance to others. How is all this possible you wonder? Well, being that I am from this planet I will let you know about our customs. One of the most important ones is respect for others. By walking your dog(s) and allowing them to pee and crap on someone else's property (in the road too) is called a lack of respect for others. That is a no no. What's that you say, you pick up after your dog? Ok, maybe the poop but what about diarrhea or the urine that now caused a dead brown spots on a lush green lawn? Are you going to repair that patch for property owner? Now here comes another dogs walker and their dog smells your dogs urine and wants to mark it causing the spots to expand. We also have another custom here when someone owns a piece of land it is called private property. We, who are from this planet know that if we go onto another persons property without permission it is called trespassing. Another big no no. Legally a Homeowner has the right to insist that you and your dog stay off the property. Why let it get to that point? Respect peoples property and it never will. I have watched people letting their dogs pee on other neighbors mailbox posts as well as their flowers surrounding it. The next day the people are wondering what happened to their flowers. Do you really think it is fair that those people went shopping, picked out flowers, paid for them, planted them and now your dog has killed the flowers on those neighbors?


We all have about the same amount of property and a HUGE open space area (I think that's where your mother ship landed). So, why are people walking their dogs and allowing them to go to the bathroom on other peoples property?Nothing is worse than hearing stories about kids who just stepped in dog poop, tracked it into the house because some lazy dog walker decided not to pick it up or what about how you just let your dog pee on someone else's lawn and those neighbors and their kids are walking around with no shoes and didn't see your dog peeing on their lawn and now they've stepped in it. Not very hygienic huh? How about if your dog is sick (worms, parvo,coccidia) and now my dog is sick or on it's death bed because it came into contact with your dogs feces! Is that fair? I own a dog and it NEVER has and never will defecate on your lawn. I am what you call a respectful and good neighbor. Please be the same.


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