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  1. Lower receiver part | Important parts of a gun


Any middle to high grade is usually broken down into two sections. The upper part and the lower part. The same can be said about the AR-15 rifle as well. It consists of two major parts. The top or upper part and the bottom or lower part.


When we talk about the lower part, instantly the first thing that comes into our mind is the trigger. It is the part which is used to fire a shot.


A fact which should be mentioned and clarified here is that a trigger is always squeezed. It is neither pressed nor pushed. This is a concept that many people don’t know about.


Moving towards the Gun Parts of the lower receiver section. Other than the trigger, the system includes related mechanisms to firing like a magazine, hand grip, safety, buffer and buffer spring. The magazine has its place where it is inserted which is called the magazine well.


Not only does it carry out the firing process but also efficiently helps in handling recoil and weight issues when a shot is fired. The buffer is a good example. It is padded in nature and provides add-on weight.


The handling and positioning of a rifle also depend upon the lower parts. It helps in using the rifle with ease and for a long duration as well. Especially the shoulder benefits from all these accessories. It gets safe from experiencing any major damage.  Click here for more info  Complete Pistol Kits

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