Phase 5 Drainage

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Greetings All!

I've submitted 2 separate requests for the Parish to come out and dig the ditches. They said July 7 was the official date they would "take over" Phase 5 drainage from the Developer. Any help would be appreciated in getting this done.

If anyone was home during the heavy rain in May, you understand my concern.


Regards, M. LAfont

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As long as the weather is dry and there is no flooding,  nothing will be done to alleviate our problems in Phase 5.    Hope we don't have to wait till the next Spring downpour for attention to the situation. 

The developer has made things a little better on some lots and much worse on others (ours) by moving dirt around with his dozer.   Has the parish actually taken over?  Mr. Halbert has been seen very recently "working"  on a few lots.  Please inform us of any new developments.


B. Freedman,

13252 Sweet Olive Lane

The new neighborhood being developed next to phase 5 still needs to dig a ditch/canal from the back of their neighborhood (near Forest) to General Ott Road. This needs to be done before the neighborhood is approved. Clyde Martin is someone you can contact about this. I believe he works for the parish drainage department. 

Mr. Halbert or the parish may also have to install more culverts under September Rain to handle the amount of water that is building up west of this road and draining into phase 5.

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