Neighbor's dog barking

Posted in: Windy Hills
We have neighbors, 2 doors down, that have multiple dogs. The problem dog seems to stand on the trash cans behind a very tall fence to bark at whoever and whatever it feels like for way too long! Our next door neighbor has called the police multiple times trying to get this stopped - to no avail. He has informed me that if a dog has been barking for more than 30 minutes (yes - 30 minutes of barking!) you can call the police and they SHOULD do something to stop the barking. Our next door neighbor is still waiting for results. I have started this same routine: wait 30 minutes after the dog starts barking, call the police and wait for the annoyance to stop. I can tell you when the local school students get off the buses without looking out my window and without a watch - because the dog starts barking. Kids (and some parents) ride their bikes down our section of South Dillwyn Road - the dog barks. People walk their strollers or jog here - the same thing - the dog barks. Our next door neighbor maintains his property beautifully - with the dog barking all the time he's outside. The dog even came out suddenly, jumping up on the fence (almost over the fence) to scare my neighbor so badly he thought he'd have a heart attack. This is NOT right! This is NOT acceptable from our neighbors in Windy Hills! We have wonderful people living in our neighborhood which has been known for years as being 'normally quiet'. What must we do in order to get this dog's owner to control his dog's barking? What is the cost of our peace and quiet in our own yards?

Have you spoken to the offending neighbor?  I imagine they are out when the dogs are barking?  Speak to them and see if you can reach an amicable solution.  If the dogs are barking that much, they are probably just bored/ignored/neglected, perhaps this neighbor is not fit for dog ownership. Let's face it, some people are'nt, due to busy schedules, or whatever.  Perhaps a call to the SPCA is in order. Maybe this household should be pet-free. Stay on it, let us know how things turn out.

I think I know what house you are referring to. I am aware of the barking dogs, each time I walk by I hear them. I can not imagine living with that all the time.  Good Luck. 

I have tried a couple of times to chat with the neighbor only to be ignored at the door and hear the dog continue to bark. Cars have been in the driveway and still been ignored. I believe the neighbor in the middle have Talked with the people in the house about the barking. The dog has had some sessions already this spring; I've called the police once already. So far, it's not as bad as it was last year - but it's only mid April. I've already checked with the Humane Society about the barking. As long as the dog can get in/out of the weather, there's noting they can do. I also found out that the people living there are not only renting it from the owner, but the dogs also belong to the home owner - who lives down South.
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