Whats with the used car lot on West Shelly

Posted in: Ashbourne Hills

When is the civic association going to do something about the house that is operating a used car lot on West Shelly. One day I counted 14 cars sitting in front of the house. You probably know it from the stupid front lawn sitting area they made. If your not going to uphold the civic association rules than you might as well disband it all together. The house is an eyesore and is bringing the whole neighborhood down.

A suit should be filed against this resident. The house sits on the main drag into Ashbourne Hills and looks terrible. 

I found another post complaining about the eyesore on West Shelly and the ost was dated 2007.

Come on people, 8 years and nothing has been done about this. I remember years ago when the association was stronger they took a few people to court over the size of their fence and one resident tried to put a fence around his front yard and that was rectified by the homeowners association.

Not only do they have cars on the lawn, now they are parking their riding lawnmower on the lawn and the front looks like crap and the backyard is worse.

I feel sorry for the residents who live next door or across the street and have to see it everyday. 


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