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Upkeep of the pool and commons area. I have no interest in ANYONE telling me how to manage my own personal property.

Again it comes down to being an adult and taking care of what you own. Also, if you have a problem with a neighbor talk to them and handle it on your own. Its not the responsibility of anyone to take care of your problem, but yourself.

Little by little we give our rights away, soon we will have none.

By Mitch
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A Response


No one disagrees with your point that if you have a problem with your neighbor, you should approach them like an adult and work through your issues if you are comfortable doing so.
The first point I tried to make is the possiblity that if the HOA published clearly defined rules, many of these issues might go away on their own.
Second point, that in a way, wether we like it or not, the HOA is in some way ''the cops'' to enforce certain rules that are in the best interest of the community as a whole.
Third, even though we would like to think that everyone can act as professional adults, the conflict of residents roaming the neighborhood knocking on doors and trying to resolve certain face to face may not have the happy warm response that we would like. For instance, If I recall correctly, you made a post several weeks ago where you were out walking your dog and a vehicle swerved at you. Although you would have liked to stop the vehicle and addressed the matter you couldn't because it was dark. If you were able to locate the tag number, maybe the police could have located this individual, discussed the issue with them and made a lasting impact on them that maybe you couldn't. Sometimes citizens should not take the law into their own hands.
Lastly, I don't believe as grown adults in this neighborhood that 1) they don't know their dog is loud and that it isn't bothering someone 2) Compared to other yards, their yard is cluttered and disorganized 3) Third, Most of us know our blocks and are aware of our elderly/unhealthy residents. This is not the case.
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Are you seriously making that argument to Mitch about confronting the driver that swerved toward him while walking his dog? I would bet that if Mitch had been able to track down the driver he would have left a more lasting impression on that individual than the police could have, the police didn't see it and nobody else did as far as I know. Besides, that situation is completely different that talking to your neighbor about their yard versus complaining to the HOA about it. Grow a set or get over it, I'm in Mitch's camp on this, the HOA is not the community police, man up.
RE: Serious??

Ok, Thad, what I didn't want to do was have this or any other neighborhood forum turn into an argument and cause more conflict. I rescind my comment comparing the swerving vehicle and confronting the driver. You made a very good point, Thad, that ''Mitch would have left a more lasting impression on that individual than the police'', that, in my opinion, is what I would rather not have in the neighborhood. But from your post, Mitchs' and others, I will go with the majority here and agree to confrontation if and when there are issues. I will no longer argue my point that the HOA was hired to establish and enforce rules in the best interest of the neighborhood. I will ''grow a set'' and ''man up'' on my neighbors.

By Jason
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