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All Elk Creek Residents

May 9, 2007
This website is a vehicle that allows the board to communicate
necessary information to the homeowners. We expect that everyone
that uses it be respectful of others.

It was not the intention of the board that the discussion forum
be used to fuel gossip and inaccurate information. Great example
of something positive being posted was pictures of the luminaries!!

Going further any inapproriate or disrespectful comments will be
deleted from the website. The sender will be sent an email
notfying them that their comment has been removed. The board will not
respond to any Anonymous postings.

If there is something that needs discussed there is a email link
that is forwarded directly to the board. We respond to ALL emails
within 48 hours.

As an update: Chris LaPak moved in early January and stepped down
from the board. We sent out a letter requesting candidates. We
had two people apply. This was a disappointing response
considering the comments at HOA meetings and comments on the
posting board. In addition, Glenn Davis got sent to Afganastan.
He will be returning the end of May. Both him and I decided that
Chris's replacement would not be filled until we had our next

The front entrances: All six entrances are scheduled to be done
the end of May. We have hired an independant landscaper to clean
up, plant, extend and mulch all entrances. The reason for the
delay was that the board needed to review year end budget numbers.

We have heard concerns over the cost of fire hydrants. The HOA
pays for the yearly maintenance and servicing of the hydrants.
The township maintains the storm water drains, pumping station,
snow removal and street maintenance. We have also had questions
about the cost of postage. Included in postage costs, are
everything that the management company and the board sends out.
This includes annual HOA renewal notices. Compared with other
associations, these costs are not out of line.

If anyone needs anything further, please direct all questions to
the HOA email address.

Thank you

The Board
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