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Greetings All..


I live in the area of 39th Ave and Cholla.

As a resident of the community, I frequent the areas of 28th ave and Peoria as well as the area of 27th Ave and Cactus.

As you know, these areas are being overrun by drug addicts, beggers, prostitutes and undesirables.

These individuals gather at and utilize the QTs at these locations as bases of operation.

The management of the QTs seem to ignore the obvious, and allow them use of the facilities and free righn of the parking lots.

Leaving them free to solicit, proposition, pan handle, congregate and even engage in exchanges.

I have reached out to QT corporate, and recieved a phone call that was basically a, "we are doing what we can" response, and nothing changed.

It is for these reasons that I am asking for support in a general BOYCOTT of QT.

1.  I am asking that member of the community Stop Supporting this business in every way.

2. Contact QT through their website and inform them that you are BOYCOTTING their business until they institute changes in their modle.

3. contact your city council membermthrough the city of phoenix website and voice your concerns.





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