Pets, Noise, Trash, etc.

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After reading a few of the most recent posts on our message board, I really feel that these issues should be easily resolved. I often wonder when I write my $75 quarterly check to Gasser, what is this for? Pumpkins and Hay Bales on Halloween, Christmas Lights around the Holidays? The HOA is more than an exterior decorator, it is paid and offices are elected to maintain uniformity, peace and a constant line of communication between residents. We have lived in Hickory Hills for over a year now with absolutely no communication from the HOA. That means no Directory, No Newsletter, No Schedule of Meetings, Updated Contact Info, Code of Conduct, etc. All of the issues discussed on this board would be quickly resolved if the residents of this neighborhood knew the rules, knew who to contact and maybe even had regularly scheduled meetings to discuss certain issues. This is what would bring our neighborhood together, on the same page, with the peace and happiness of our residents in mind.

I agree

Yes - I would like to see more information regarding where the HOA $$$ is spent. - A quarterly meeting/newsletters with a review of rules and regs and a budget review would be great. Also, if we could know where to direct our issues/concerns - regarding trash- barking - outside appearances. We all have a common goal - and that is to keep the value of our homes and maintain a safe/friendly neighborhood.

By Greg
A point to consider

I'm still amazed as a group of ''adults'', people cannot go over and talk to their neighbor about a problem.

Do you really want the HOA to be the neighborhood cops and enforce every little rule? Be careful what you ask for. What you want enforced on others today, may one day be enforced on you.

Barking dog, messy yard, go visit your neighbor and talk to them. Learn the art of being friends and neighbors. Perhaps they don't realize their dog is noisy or their yard is a mess. Or perhaps they are sick or elderly and could use some help.

Remember people read lips better than they read minds.


By Mitch

Why do we have a homeowners association then, Mitch?
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