Is HOA Board trying to change the covenants?

Posted in: Evergreen Park Estates

It is my understanding that during the Feb HOA meeting, it was decided by the limited number of dues paying members that the Board will continue to try and change the covenants even tho the covenants do not allow any changes to be voted on until 2016.


Since the covenants are specific on when the covenants can be changed, how is the HOA board legally considering a change before 2016. Please provide the legal basis for any change.


In addition, we heard that there may be an HOA mailing asking for permission to change the covenants. Is the HOA considering a way around having 100% of the lot owners agree to change the next date allowed for a covenant change? Are you considering less than support of all the lot owners would be legal?


If you are considering asking the property owners (not the dues paying HOA members) for permission, when do you expect to do this.


A few of my neighbors found the recent survey was very bias in the limited wording provided. We would like to make sure the request by the HOA Board is fair and even and does not make the HOA higher than the exisitng State and County laws.


Thanks you for answering these questions.



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