Dues Increase, Poor Communication

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I just read that neighborhood dues are going up next month on a flier posted on a mailbox. If this is true, this is infuriating for multiple reasons:


1. Fliers taped to a mailbox are not an appropriate form of communication - communication should be put something in the mail, directly on doors, or email.

2.  There was no explanation for the increase.  As far as I can tell, my money is being wasted when things like overgrown bushes, dying landscaping, and potholes keep growing.  Why would anyone be ok with an increase when the basic needs covered in our regular dues aren't being met?

3. The option of going to the board meeting on 12.30 that is listed on the flier isn't posisble for people with odd hour jobs

4. Since the lake reams website hasn't been functioning, getting anyone to answer anthing officially on neighborhood link seems impossible - it doesn't seem that anyone from the HOA monitors this site.



Would someone please address whether the increase is true, why the increase is occuring, and what the proposal is to better allocate money to be sure the services listed on our HOA agreement are met?





The flyer you are talking about was put up in haste in order to get as many people to attend the meeting. I was 4pm on 12/30 not the time 12:30.

There will be other opportunities to meet. This was not done by the HOA, Sentry or the board. The members organized it as an informal gathering.


Yes the dues are going up to $168 a month starting Feb. That is why we had a meeting today. It was approved by the current board Dec 9th with no notice to the members.


Sentry took down the web site. We are organizing now starting with communications.

I will bring the website back up shortly

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