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Hi there!


I live in Selma Park Estates, Selma City.


I am curious - have you found this site to be productive? Myself and others are looking for a medium in which we can have a common place to communicate - between the communities of Selma.


 My email adr is: I will check back here as well.


Thank you in advance for your feedback.Smile





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Thank you for posting to our website. I don't know if you noticed, but we also publish a newsletter once a month. The nice thing about this site is that we can get information out to our members quickly compared to the monthly newsletters. We've toyed around with the idea of either reducing (or terminating) the release of paper newsletters but our board believes people still prefer the paper medium. This is also a good alternative to Facebook since it doesn't require you to become a FB member to view information. It's hard to say if this site has been productive or not. We continue to advertise its existence in our newsletter but as you can see--we don't get a lot of feedback. This site is free unless you want to have total control of the outer (where ads are placed) part of the pages. It's still a good way to get information out to people who complain that takes too much time for an HOA to respond.



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