Cars everywhere

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Is it just me or does it seem like some yards/driveways have about six cars in them? And I wish the people in the house at the end of Ivy Springs that always have five or six cars in the driveway/street/yard with oil stains everywhere would move!!!!!! People need to cut their grass, weeds and ''bushes'' growing up from the ground and clean up their yards too. I would love to sell my house and get out of this neighborhood but I probably won't be able to sell it because of all the nasty yards and cars around. I'm just venting because the lazy people that this is directed to won't see this. They are too busy watching Jerry Springer and ''working'' on their five junk cars in the driveway.
Cars everywhere

YES!!!! I would like to move too. What happened to people having pride in their home. And this may only be a 100K - 140K neighborhood, but I work hard for my money and to me my house is not just my home, it is an investment. 127k home (which is what I paid for my house approx. 5 years ago) is not a cheap home and shouldn't people a right to ruin the look of our neighborhood because they are lazy. This used to be considered a nice neighborhood. Once again, why isn't the HOA doing something to keep this a nice neighborhood?
Tha 'hood

The thing is, I do like my house and the location of the neighborhood. Like you said, we work too hard to pay for these houses when others don't care and let our home values slip. And yes, it does affect my house's value if the person across the street has BUSHES growing in the yard and the house two doors down has 6, 7, or even EIGHT cars parked in the driveway, on the street and even in the freaking YARD (with oil stains to boot!). So yes, I'm a bit upset about how things are going in this neighborhood.
Can I still sell my home?

I will be placing my house on the market and hope to sell quickly since I'm being transferred out of state.
My only hope is that any potential buyers don't drive the neighborhood.
There are some great neighbors on either side of my home which is a blessing and the school is right across the street which should help in selling it.

By Home owner - Riverside Chase Cr.
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