Turn your neighbors in, Lincolon Park! Rude!!

Posted in: Lincoln Park - Fort Wayne
I agree with you completely! I have never lived anywhere that had such hostile neighbors. They not only do not care to interact with you, but they turn you in for every tiny thing! I have lived here for 7 years and I know no one.
The only contact I have EVER had with any of my neighbors was when one told me empty my children's kiddy pool at night so they didn't have mosquitos in their yard (The pool was chlorinated, there were no mosquitos laying eggs in it) and one other time when some jackass asked me to close my garage as I was unpacking all my luggage after coming home from a week long trip to a specialty hospital in Indy, because I am very ill. He said we needed to close our doors because he was trying to rent his house out and he didn't want them to see how "trashy" we were. How about you don't concern yourself with what's inside my garage, which is NEVER, EVER left open longer then to pull my car in or out.
As far as trash goes, what about all the trash I have to look at every time someone moves out of his rental property? Carpet and living room sets and stained mattresses laying at the end of his driveway for weeks because he won't arrange for it to be picked up. Or all the noise from all the fighting and partying going on with his renters who are generally white trash that throw beer cans at my kids and have vicious dogs that run free and make it impossible to even get the mail without fear of getting bitten? Or all the vandalism they do once they get a few beers in them. Oh yeah, what a joy it is to have a cheap rental across from my $120,000.00 house! Apparently I'm not even ALLOWED to decide what I'd like to keep in my garage that *I* paid for.
And the trash. Seriously, I am so sick and tired of people complaining about trash in my yard. I can't even put my trash out without the 40 pound raccoons tossing the cans. Animal control refuses to let us use their traps or do anything to help no matter how many times we call for help. They are huge! I have already lost one of my small dogs because of the vicious monster coons. I'm sorry people are offended over scraps of paper floating around after they trash things, but give me a break! I have had to beat them off with big metal poles before at 4:30AM, and even that doesn't stop them!
No one is neighborly. No one helps anyone. I am seriously ill, and my husband travels for business 6 days a week. Most days I am lucky to be able to walk up the stairs, but because I'm 30, people assume I am just lazy and refuse to spend 10 hours a day, every day, landscaping my yard. If my grass hit's 7 inches tall, they have neighborhood code enforcement on speed dial. How about offering to help instead?
I'm a good neighbor. I'm quiet. I've never thrown a party. I don't have bratty kids running the streets. I look out for my neighbors property and call the police if I see suspicious activity at an empty house, or late at night. In return for this, I get turned in for my grass being 7 inches long! One of my super friendly neighbors turned me in for long grass and actually unlocked my back yard privacy fence to show them the long grass in the back yard-which could not be seen from ANYWHERE but my back yard. They even went so far as to get into my screened in back porch and go through my stuff that was being stored there while I was putting new flooring in. THEN they had the audacity to say that I was a bad mother who was endangering my children because there were 6 boxes on my back porch and also because they looked in my garage windows and they felt I was storing too much furniture in there. They actually PEEPED in my windows! The real kicker there is I WORK with CPS. I'm also a volunteer CASA. I know when a child in danger. The only danger they were in was from a freaky neighbor who was trespassing and actually trying to get in my HOUSE with the Official Long Grass Nazi in tow, and looking in windows! Thanks Mr. Keck!
So yeah, these are the type of neighbors we have in Lincoln Park. Retired people who have nothing better to do then become "Yard Nazis,"  and make life difficult for those of us who actually WORK and can't spend hours a day pulling dandelions out of out yards and edging our driveways. People that would rather call code enforcement then offer to help a sick neighbor mow their lawn every once in a while. I just don't get it. Before I was sick, and before I lived here, I did that for neighbors all the time. If someone needed help, I helped them. Mowed lawns. Brought in newspapers and trash cans, But these people are just horrible, judgmental, nosey jackasses.
News flash retired people! Young people get sick and frail too. Do you just reach an age where you feel you're entitled to say whatever you want, and treat people like dirt just because you're old? If I live long enough to be your age, and I start acting like some of you, I hope someone just smacks some sense into me. But chances are I won't, and the stress you put me through when I just want left alone isn't helping my health.
Look up "Neighborly" in the dictionary. Some of you might learn something. Help your neighbor. Don't just go turn them in! Some of us are very nice people and we could work together and help each other to stop all of the recent crime and vandalism that has been going on the rise in our neighborhood over the last 2 years.  

Well at least ONE person isn't afraid to speak their mind! I'm SO with you on this!!!


I saw that dick slumlord incident happen Thursday. He had no right to come over and harrass you like that. I spoke with your husband the next day and he said all you were doing was unpacking your luggage from you truck after just getting home from surgery at an out of town specialty hospital. That is YOUR HOUSE. Him telling you to go hide youselves so he'd have a better chance of renting his house was just bullshit. I would have punched him If he hadsaid it to me. I don't know you very well personally, but I know you helped my child once when he crashed on his bike. You cleaned him up and carried him home, even though you were using a cane! You are a very nice lady who has done a lot for this community. You should not have had to take that  from some slumlord who rents his house out to violent, noisy, alcoholics that party non-stop, keep everyone up all night, and need to have the police out 3 or 4 times a week. He doesn't have to deal with these people he rents to. He just goes home to Webster where I'm sure HE wouldn't wan't neighbors like the people he rents to.


Maybe if he lived here he would understand that we do infact have a horrible raccoon problem. They get into everyones trash and scatter it everywhere. Maybe instead of yelling at you because he felt you had too much stuff in your garage, that you paid for, he should have minded his own damn business.


Her garage is so full because her parents died suddenly, and she had to take their stuff in right away. She can't spend all day cleaning it because she can hardly stand or bend over, because she took a bullet giving aid in Darfur, you jerk! But hey, this is Lincoln Park! Where people don't offer to help their neighbors! They just assume the worst about them, THEN THEY TURN THEM IN FOR CODE VIOLATIONS!



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