Newsletter Special Assessment

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-Although the efforts of the HOA has been to inform homeowners on how to better prevent breakins and provide safety tips; I was not happy with the the end results towards individuals that were suspected or aprehended by the police and the HOA.

-It seems unreasonable to ask those of us that pay our dues in a timely manner to pay additional cost for those of us that refuse to pay dues at all. I understand the process takes a long time for the HOA to obtain the funds due to the leagal process and all; however to increase the fees in less than 30 days notice is unreasonable.

-If we can vote by proxy as to who will be on the board we should be able to vote on other issues as well via proxy.

-Did anyone take into consideration that not everyone has access to the internet at home. Perhaps the block captains could volunteer to issue the newsletters to residents on their block (since the HOA has decided not to issue newsletters to homeowners).

-In addition, I'm curious as to why the HOA meeting was held during the time of Memorial weekend. Most people go away during that time or focus on our soldiers away at war!

-As far as voting for a candidate there was no list of prospects to choose. This would have been helpful. We are all busy working and taking care of family and having an option would be nice as to when meetings will be held as well as a potential agenda, and a percentage of how many homeowners actually attend a meeting enclosed in the newsletter.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice my concerns.

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RE:Newsletter Special Assessment

I am going to redress your discussion points - just not in the order you made them.

I believe everyone has been given more than 30 days notice in regards to the Special Assessment that was approved during the Annual Homeowners Meeting. The letter with the SA bill attached was received this week and is not due until 1 August - that is 36 or 37 days in advance.

A Proxy was provided to all homeowners with the letter that announced the Annual Homeowners Meeting. We had some homeowners (2) send theirs in for the meeting (one for and one against). That was a general Proxy that covered all votes cast at that meeting.

Yes, we took into consideration that not everyone has a computer at home, but they do at work and there are computers available for use at all library locations. Statistically speaking, only 1 out of every 100 Americans do not have access to a computer; therefore, the decision was made to forego the cost of printing, reproducing and distributing a printed newsletter (the cost was about $100 per month just for reproducing the newsletter). Yes, the Block Captains did volunteer to distribute the newsletter but that was not the intended function of the Block Captains.

The decision to go with a free website and a free distribution method for the newsletter was as a cost cutting measure and one of the positives is this free Discussion Forum.

We all know what is said about curiosty - the decision to have the meeting on the day after Memorial Day was really a time crunch issue. Holding the meeting in June, July, or August we would be told that is vacation time; holding it during the school year we would hear it is a school night and we are too busy to attend; holding it on a weekend we would be told that is the only family time we have and we will not sacrifice that for a little ol' HOA meeting!

The letter announcing the Annual Homeowners Meeting was a chance for any homeowner to voice their concerns about the meeting date and the meeting items of discussion - we received no input from any homeowner on any issue. The HOA Board has one function and only one function but everyone seems to think that the HOA Board is their $180 answer to everything that plagues the community. The key word here is COMMUNITY - and a community is made up of all of its members whether they partake of it or not - they are effected by it! Oh, by the way, the HOA Board's only function is to provide fiduciary management of the HOA dues and to use those dues to maintain and improve homeowner value.

I have read your complaints and I have responded - now, what are your recommendations to the issues in our little corner of the world?
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Re: Newsletter Special Assessmen

I agree with much of what you have conveyed here. We are having to pay for the total irresponsibility of others. I absolutely agree with being able to vote by proxy. The HOA and meeeting organizer CANNOT expect that everyone will be able to attend.
Special Assessment

Thank you for responding to my message. I'm just voicing my concerns which is what this online service message board is all about. I don't have the answer for everything and neither do you; however whatever input you have is welcomed as always.

Although the dues have increased I still think that it should not of been put on the back burner until CRUNCH time and dealt with on Memorial Weekend. You are correct that people have other obligations and there will always be a reason for why we cannot attend a meeting, those of us that would like to attend unfortunately may of made plans during that time. I personally was not in town at the time.

Putting all of that aside, the dues are what they are; and everyone should pay greater attention to when these special meetings occurr not just to when there social events are planned.

By the way, do you know if there is an annual calander that projects potential meetings in the future. Perhaps this may help in preventing last minute meetings that make it difficult for Home Owners to attend.

Thank you again for responding,

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