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Illegal Fireworks Spoil Holidays

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The 4th of July was always a time we look forward to, of families getting together - backyard barbeques, and thanking God for our freedom and independence. The last few years, here in Coral Springs, it has become a nightmare. Instead of outdoor activities and the pride of being free, many of us have become prisoners in our own homes. This is the result of balls of fire flying through the air, and explosions from illegal fireworks. There has been much damage to property and people. Why should such a day that use to be so happy, now become days of anxiety and dread? All of this is caused by people who don't care about the danger and misery they bring to others. Why are they allowed to break the law as well as destroy the peace, safety, and tranquility we should have the freedom to enjoy in our own homes? All of this is due to a lack of law enforcement as well as people who don't have a proper concern for their neighbors. Unfortunately, the wide-spread use of illegal fireworks is no longer limited to July 4th. It is fast becoming a part of a variety of events throughout the year.
-By Carl Prescott
Time to add safety NOW

Time to get real---
I've heard fireworks going off in my neighborhood that past couple of weekends--and then heard about high schools now using pyrotechnics to celebrate homecoming...
Safety is the issue here---We need to control the use, and abuse of these things....

By Sam
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