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I realize I'm a little late in the game but I live in the JTown area (just moved from Saratoga Woods to Jefferson Trace) and we have our 7th grader in Academy for Indiv Excellence up behind the library. This is her first year up there and we absolutely love it and have noticed a HUGE change in not just her work but her own self as well. She has really grown in just the short 2 months school has been back in session and instead of coming home with a negative attitude and comments about her day, she comes home with a smile on her face and something positive to say everyday! She wasn't keen on the idea when we first decided to move her there but she really seems to be enjoying it! I know others who have their children there and they have the same thing to say about it. The principal literally knows EVERY student by name AND their parents. And proves it everday during school release when he walks the carpool line and sees your car and automatically calls on the walkie talkie for your child without even asking you first. (of course for newbies it takes about 2-3 weeks but he remembers!) And for me, I car pool with an old neighbor and he knows this as well and will hold up 1 or 2 fingers wantng to know if I'm getting both kids or just mine. I highly recommend the school if you are wanting out of the public school system but not really wanting in the Catholic system. 

Did you start a group? I'm looking for a new homeschool group.
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Hi, I was wondering how you made out with finding homeschoolers for your daughter?  We are moving to the area in June and I have two girls who are 5th graders.  I also have a 6 year old in kindergarten.  We are an AF family and it is a little nerver racking hoping we can find activities for my kids like we have had here in the St. Louis area.  Please feel free to email me.  Take care !

I am starting homeschool too I have a 8 year old and a 7 year old and would really like to get involved with a group if at all possible.  I live in manti and I would love to be involved if you would have me.  Just email me Thanks

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