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Should the curfew be 9 pm for any child that is 18 and younger.They should be going to school and not allowed to stay out late so they can perform better during classes and not be so tired.And allowing them to stay more focused to what is being tought in class from getting a full nights sleep.I read some where that the current curfew is 1 am...that is way to late for them,being they will onle get 4-5 hrs sleep if they are in high school.

Call me an anarchist, but should the government in any form be deciding when it is apporpraite for my children to be going to sleep? If no illegal or disruptive activities are going on, is 'the betterment of education' really stable grounds for a restriction like this to be enacted? Should a decision in that area be left to the parent, or legal guardian, just as all other primary care needs?


A curfew is one thing, but this reasoning is unsound. Creating a law on the grounds of preassuring kids into a sleep schedule that the local government deems 'accepatble' strikes me as going too far.

I think that a 9PM  curfew (if you like) for YOUR children is fine. I an a high school student and I don't really stay out that late but definently past nine, especially on the weekends. I think curfew should be determined by the parent. For example, when I was about sixteen I sat down with my parents and discussed a reasonable time. Also if your arguement is with during the week because of school, then what about during summer break? Different schools start and end at different times and it may be difficult to set these perimeters. Also, do you really want kids who are not doing anything illegal to get in trouble for being out later than YOU would like?

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why do you think you should be able to make rules for other peoples kids?

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