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I live in Clayton, managed by Clayton HOA.  I live near Greencrest and almost to the end on the street that runs right next to the Westpark Tollway.  Let's just say I'm on the end that's closest to Westpark Drive.


Now, I know that we have many varied ethnicities and cultures in hour neighborhood and I love that.  I value all cultures and respect them.  But, in the last few weeks, I hear roosters crowing.  This morning in the ten feet from my door to car, I heard a rooster or roosters crow 4 times.  We aren't supposed to have farm animals in the neighborhood, people.  Maybe these people aren't aware of that or don't know the HOA rules, but it's also against city ordinances as well.  This is not country land, this is a neighborhood in the city limits and no one wants to be awakened by roosters crowing.  Furthermore, what is that going to smell like after a while?  And why does anyone have roosters anyway, they're not to produce eggs.


I called the HOA and they say there's nothing they can do because they can't go looking into people's back yards.  Well, neither can I.  Please, if you live next door to these people or close by and you know where the "cock-a-doodle-do's" are coming from, please call the HOA and let them know.  I know the people just may be unaware that they're not supposed to have a farm in the middle of suburbia, but they need to be made aware so they can do something about it.


If I don't put my garbage cans in my garage right away and the HOA people happen to ride through, I get a notice.  Anyone trying to sell a house in this neighborhood?  What will the potential buyers think when they hear roosters crowing?  Most won't think much of the neighborhood then, I'm afraid.  Property values will go down.


As I said, I'm not knocking anyone's beliefs, I feel these people are just misinformed or unaware.  But still, I don't think we need a chicken coop in anyone's yard.  Especially with loud roosters. 


Thanks for listening!  :)



I also live in Clayton - near the intersection of Green Crest and Royal Shadows.  I have lived here since 1998 and I have never heard a rooster. Beyond that, you are mistaken about some things.  First, Clayton is not inside any city limits - Houston or otherwise.  Therefore, city ordinances are irrelevant.  Secondly, if we were in the city limits of Houston you would find that Houston does allow the keeping of chickens as long as they are a certain distance from another home. 


Chickens do produce waste, the same as any animal, however, the amount of waste produced per chicken is miniscule compared to a common house cat or dog.  Just like people who have cats and dogs clean up after them, owners of chickens should do the same. 


Personally, I don't care for roosters as they serve no purpose for me.  But I do believe that each homeowner should be allowed to keep up to 4 hens.  Hens lay eggs, eat insects and provide natural fertilizer for the yards.  And Hens do NOT crow.  In fact, any clucking from a hen is definitely not as loud as a cat meowing.


-Urban Farmer




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