A Cat needs help and a home

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Hey everyone!

  I work at an animal hospital in Charlotte where we get many cats and dogs brought to us who were found on the streets in need of care and a home. I have always had that ability to turn off my heart to all of them knowing I can not afford to lend a helping hand, until I met who we call Hwy 51 Kitty. This young adult beautiful Tortoishell cal was brought into us last week after having been hit by a car. The policy with our "Good Samaritans" is if we don't find her owners or a new home in three days she is to go to Animal Control. And as we all know, most of the time they send animals to heaven especially if they are not willing heal any breaks or bruises. So Miss Hwy 51 Kitty turns out to have a dislocated hip and possible metetarsal fractures on her left rear leg. Through her limps she is the sweetest cat, purring away and loves to be brushed. Her time is up with us at the hospital, she must go to a foster/home or to heaven. I feel she needs a chance before we give up on her. I am unable to give her a roof, for I can not afford a dependent at this time. Idealy she needs Sx, but would probably surprise us all that she would be fine without it. Her hip has new bone formation and she would need an FHO (Femoral Head Osteotomy) done. This is the Sx, she will probably be ok without. As for her Metetarsals, we are uncertain if they are broken, no one can afford further xrays on her. I do have a running fundraiser for her on Fundable.com. I have found some rescues who are willing to help pay for her Sx, but she needs a foster or home. Please let me know if you are able to help. I am more than willing to answer an further questions.

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