XANGO- Your ticket to better health!

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Before anyone spends stonking heaps of money on Mangosteen juice for its "medical benefits" they should read the FDA's warning letter to XanGo back in 2006.

Other interesting reading material:

Time Magazine's article on multi-level marketing of nutrition supplements, particularly Mangosteen, is interesting:

 In the case of XanGo, "no published clinical trials [show] evidence that either the fruit or its juice is an effective treatment for arthritis, cancer or any other disorder in humans," writes Dr. Brent Bauer, the Mayo Clinic's alternative-medicine specialist.

MSNBC had a good article as well, citing an independent analysis of XanGo's product ($37/bottle!) versus store-bought juices... conclusion?  Regular blueberry juice has twice the antioxidant strength of XanGo.

There's also a mangosteen grower who has a great informational site on mangosteens.  Since he's a grower he's got a lot to gain if mangosteens really do cure all ills... but he's pretty straightforward about what is and isn't proven about mangosteens.

As far as Xango specifically, some folks report the company is downsizing:

From the Daily Herald: XanGo LLC, a Lehi direct seller of a mangosteen-based juice, on Thursday terminated several workers as part of what it called a “strategic reallocation process.” A XanGo official declined to specify how many workers were terminated, why the cuts occurred and whether this was the first time the privately-held company has downsized its work force after five straight years of consistent growth.

Nothing against the poster here, if it works for you, great.  But if it doesn't work, is there a money-back guarantee?   Me, I'm sticking with beer:

Denke determined that beer contains healthy doses of polyphenols [...] antioxidants credited for raising good cholesterol and staving off certain cancers.

"Beer is 93 percent water, no fat, no cholesterol, no triglycerides, no sugar," Gifford-Jones said. "(Beer has) significant amounts of magnesium and potassium and other minerals as well as vitamins B2, B6 and folic acid … it's a damn good beverage."

Mmmm... beer...

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