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locked out of my power box"HELP"

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My neighbors put up a fence to block off their front entry way and I asked them to not lock the gate so I could access my homes breaker box.  For quite a few months there was no lock and all was well.  Just last week we had the satallite TV guys try to get to the power box and it was locked.  I tried to talk to the owner and he snubbed me by saying he did not deal with petty c#@p like that and would not acknowledge the issue.  Humm let me see, does no power, or not being able to turn power off in an emergency sound like petty to you?  Any of these issues could happen at any time and I should not have to climb a fence at 60 years old to fix the problem.  What would you do?  

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I would call the city, sounds like it might be an issue with how close to put a fence to a structure and also sounds like they did not get a permit for the fence. sick the city on them...Surprised


There is a very easy way to fix this situation, get a hose and stick it in his chimney late at night around 1 or 2 am or wait till he is at work then shove your garden hose down his chimney and turn the water on!  then rent a concrete cutter and chop up his drive way.  then call dominos and order about 30 pizzas with extra pickles and have them delivered to his home.then rent a really expensive car truck ferrari what ever setup a video camera to catch the action then park the vehicle so you are slightly blocking his driveway, he will come out and scratch the car call the police have him arrested and vola you can now freely go and turn on or off your power and maybe even take in a drink or two with his sausage wallet of  a wife!  good luck

he should handle this on his own terms by any physical means he has access to, wether it is a bat gun or tank.  He needs to bend over and check to see if his testicles are hanging!  this type of offense warrants full militia type attack in response to the neighbors lack of concern of community and brotherhood

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