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Pot smoking and homeless along the canal

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I am one of the several folks in the neighborhood that loves to run along the paved canal between Central and 7th Ave (love to see the baby ducks this time of year), but I really resent a couple of things that I've seen...   The idiots who find their favorite spot among the bushes to sit and smoke pot, so that I have to run through a huge cloud of the stuff, and the homeless couple who have taken up residence in a nice, long, hidden clearing along the concrete fence behind the condos for the last month or 2.


Thank goodness I have to walk a few blocks over to the canal from my street so that they aren't so close to my actual home, but it just gets me so riled up that I have seen this for several weeks now!


Shouldn't the photo surveilance prevent this? Are there no patrol cars to catch them? 



Hi Ken,  I"m moving into the neighborhood soon and just checking everything out.   You can make a difference by contacting your "Community Action Officer" ....   "CAO" for short.  I don't know who the "CAO" is for this area but, everyone has one.  Just call the police  department and they will be glad to let you know who your "CAO" is.  This is a great resource of help for this kind of problem.  I can tell you that where I'm at now (but,, moving soon to this area)  the "CAO" has  been very helpful with problems of trespassers and other small issues that don't warrant a call to the police or 911.  Small problems can grow.  I'm not against calling the police or 911 at all and have found them very helpful too.  We (where I'm at now) were having problems of cars parking in a no parking area late at night.  Who knows why or what was going on.  After repeated calling the police when people where in the cars  the problem decreased.  The police would come out and send them on their way or bust them.   The police can't stop people from parking in a no parking zone over night but, can find out what's going on.   Just like the problems we had with trespassers  ... I  didn't give up and called the police and waited for them.  The police would do their thing and I would thank them for coming out.  Yes, it took  many months and some of my time for the problem to decrease.   It did and that the point.  It's a learning curve how to talk the to police and they get to know you.  I have found the police to be very helpful.  I also pick my battles as with the cars parking in the no parking zone.  It was a 24hr no parking zone.  I never called in daylight hours only in the middle of the night.  Strange thing tho  ... cars parking in the daylight decreased too.  LOL!  Anyway,  hope that the problem on the canal can be fixed.  It would nice to bike or walk the canal and it should be a safe thing to do.  The problem needs to be stopped or at-lease  controlled  now before they move more into the neighborhood.    

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