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How do we get involved???

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How does someone get involved in the neighborhood. I only have a couple of hours a month, is that enough? Who do I contact and where do I go?
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Getting involved

You can get involved in a lot of different ways, some take a little time and effort some don't. We will be starting a couple of sub committees soon to address Speeding and graffiti in the neighborhood. There are so many other ways for people to get involved there is too little room here to write them so the easiest way to find out would be to Contact me or anyone on the board and we can give you information. You can use my email or call me at home 602-863-9516 Ask for Gary.
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Hi I am new to the block watch site but not new in the neighborhood, I have been in this community for over 17 years and I would like to continue to see our neighborhood thrive. I want to know the best way to address the graffiti problem and how to resolve it. I know who the 14 year old's who are doing this and but because the police do not have proof they are unable to do anything. I too have been the recipient of the markings on my property and want this property destruction to stop. I know the names and address of these wanna be hoods and I want to announce it to everyone so we can nip it before it gets out of hand, but I don't know if the names can be said publicly. The "L2S" tagger was suspended from Desert Foothills for tagging the school. This is and has been an on going problem and appears he is still at it with the new markings in the neighborhood today. Thank you for any information that may help in this matter.

OMG if you only have a COUPLE of free hours PER MONTH then for God's sake spend them watching the Home and Garden channel or just take a good nap on an orthopedic mattress. I'm afraid the time available you have per month is not enough to achieve any productive action on any issue or venture. God bless your tired heart.  

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