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I did not even want to mention or write anything about that company.  
They started out doing really well (edging and cutting the lawn).  
Once they became familiar with the surroundings, things changed!  
They began to cut the greenery roughly.  The branches were splintered 
at the edges.  

I do not know WHAT'S WITH THE CIGARETTE BUTTS! A little before and
during the holidays, when the workers were not around, there were no 
cigarette butts.  Once they return, three cigarette butts were thrown 
in the front yard!  Months before that, one was tossed in the back yard!  
They wear "safety green" uniform shirts and the name of that company is a
mystery!  The workers go out of their way to park their work vehicle far far 
away so that you would not know what company they are with!!!  They walk 
along the landscape dropping things along the way!

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