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Your Help and Information Needed !

Cactus Village Community needs your help and information about the problems you see within our neigborhood. Please feel free to post any concerns or questions on this web site in the area named ''Talk About It''. Just click on the link and post the information you have. ''Everything you put there can be ANONYMOUS if you feel the need.'' Also you can post answers to other concerns/questions that may be of help. This is a great way to keep everyone up-to-date on what's happening and get answers from others who have one.

If you want to contact Cactus Village Community without posting in the ''Talk About It'' area; you will find information on how to contact Cactus Village Community on this web site. However, I feel that the residents living here, see and hear things about most of your concerns and questions; they may be able to provide the best reply via a posted message in the ''Talk About It'' area of our web site.

Please take a minute of time and read or respond to the concerns and questions within the ''Talk About It'' your information and answers may be a big help to others. Lets work together on this.

Also, if you do not receive our Cactus Village newsletter by Email, please contact us and get on the list. All personal information is kept confidential, no names are sold or listed for others; all email newsletters are sent out ''BCC no other names and email addresses are shown to others''. You can provide us with your email address by sending an email to - Give us your name, address and phone number to help keep you posted with information. . . ☻

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Cars parked on road

I have a concern about a neighbor. They have 4 cars constantly parked on the road. There are already 2 cars in the driveway so there is no where else for them to park. They are slowly parkiing their cars closer and closer to our driveway and it is making it difficult for us to see past their cars when we are pulling out of our driveway. Thier cars are also parked where our garbage goes on Friday pick up days. In fact our garbage was not picked up today because their cars are in the way. I had to call the Waste Collection for them to come out and get it. I am not on good terms with our neighbor so I am not able to talk to them about moving their cars. I thought I read at some point in the Community newsletter that only 3 cars are allowed in front of a house unless of a party or something of that nature. I realize that from the sidewalk to the road it is community property but the fact that they are beginning to park closer to our house than theirs is becoming a problem. Hopefully you will be able to come up with a solution.
Thank you
I hear you

I have alot of cars parked on my street in the evening hours. If some of these neighbors would put their RV's back where they belong maybe we wouldn't have this problem. I thought we all had RV parking on the sides of our homes for this reason. My street looks terrible, please people follow the rules. In the last 2 years my street went from nice to disgusting.
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