Utilities disturbed/vandalized in alley

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On 10/14, I took a gander out into my alley (4200 blk of N 3rd Ave), & discovered that the tan colored, tubular Cox cable utility box cover had been removed, and the insides left exposed.  I checked the rest of the similar boxes in my alley.  The other three had their covers on.  Out of those three, two were locked on, and the other was just loosely sitting in place.  I did call Crime Stop to let them know that the utility had been messed with & that I had called the utility company.  They sent someone over rather quickly (within a couple of hours), and took a look in the alley.


This is the second time I’ve had a problem with the Cox utility cover being messed with.  As with the time before, I called the telephone number that is provided on the sticker that is on the box cover.  But of course, sticker on my cover has been sun bleached and one of the #’s on the telephone number is missing.  So I went over to another alley, and found another Cox tube with an unbleached sticker with an intact telephone number.  I called the number, and it is basically a place to leave a message for work orders if you are having a problem, and to leave as many details a possible.  I left a message with details about my cable box and about the location of the other loose cable box cover in my same alley.  Again, this was all on 10/14.  Today, on 11/5, someone from Cox came out :)  It took 22 days, but at least they came out.  I figure they are probably backed up with a lot more pertinent calls. 


I am assuming that the cover was ripped off because someone was trying to either get free cable or possibly get copper.  I personally do not have Cox cable.


In the message I left them, I mentioned the bleached-out sticker, & asked for new one.  There’s a new one on each box in my alley :)  And the loose cover on the other box further down in my alley has also been fixed :) :)


BTW, the number is 1-800-341-0901, Theft Service Hotline.

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Well at least it was in the alley and not in your front yard.  Can you send them over to remove the one in our yard?  (just kidding, sort of) 


I had painted it green at one point to camoflage it, then my Grandmother backed into it.  Guess it was too well hidden. 


So they replaced it and its ugly again. 

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