Proposed ByLaw Changes

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 I think several of you have stated clearly my position:  that  a neighborhood association should be (has been for decades) open to all who  strive for quality of life in our neighborhood . 

 For years when we first moved here, I felt that we resident-owners were threatened by the renters and the expansions of rental properties, businesses, and ASU .  Over the years I realized I was wrong, and that any person interested in the neighborhood was an asset . 

Am I the only one to see fascist tendencies in  the confrontive and  exclusionist attitude expressed in the proposed changes to the bylaws?    

Pat Konomos

No, Pat, you are not alone. My wife and I completely agree with you and what I call the "young soccer couple" also do, as is evident from their comments at the last meeting. Or are you that couple? I don't know their names. Plus other residents I have encountered who don't necessarily participate in the meetings also express the same opinions as you and us. Hang in there! You are not alone and we shall prevail!
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These two proposals were presented to the Board in the March board meeting by a non-board member for presentation to the full neighborhood. In the interest of fairness and transparency, the proposals should not be construed as the wishes of the Board because the Board is only the messenger.  Discussion and the full airing of views via this great internet web method should be welcomed.  


It should be mentioned however, that once this issue is settled, however it is settled, let's not bring it up for at least another year.

 Joe Gibbs


Thanks John,  No I am the old lady who lives on 11th street.  I was tired when I wrote that, and my word-searching has gotten so much worse with age.  Perhaps fascist tendencies was too harsh; oligarchal tendencies perhaps?  Thanks though


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