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There has been a rise in car burglaries recently. My two neighbors and I have been car burglarized. Stereos, cameras, chargers are a few items that were taken. Car windows have been broken.  Please, please don't leave anything in vehicles anymore. Our neighborhood is not safe as previous years. One such case is the previous message from a homeowner whose ben was stolen. I'm going to email the association to get a neighborhood watch setup. Last night, a police car was looking for someone around the neighborhood. Let's be vigilant of each other and get to know our neighbors. 


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Have you been able to get in touch with anyone from our HOA?

No, I haven't gotten a hold of them.  They are through email .  If you have their email it would save me time from going through my stuff lol.  Oh and we were burglarized again on Saturday about 2 am.  One of the alarms went off, but by then the other cars had been looked through. Ugh this is getting frusterating.  Either we become a gated community or we do like Edmond has done and do a citizen's neighborhood watch.

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