Why do you want to stifle me

Posted in: Sixth Ave Coalition
What reason did you have to dis-allow me the use of NE 6th Ave? I work for a living, and I need this Ave. to get to and from my work. My truck bothers you, and you try to make it hard for me to make a living....i hope I can return the favor to you someday.

When you bought your home on my street, did you buy it from a picture? if you would have taken a few hours of your pathetic little life to actually sit in the driveway of the house you bought you would have know this is an artery that needs to be used, has been used and will still be used by trucks.
How about you move and leave us the hell alone. If you don't like the traffic don't live on a street that has any. Why do you move in and try to sway people to change a situation that has been unchallenged and xdisregarded for years. You are a trouble maker and I hope you get your just rewards for sticking your nose in my business.
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