The Bellevue Terrace Neighborhood Association

BTNAS Newsletter - March 2006

Apr 21, 2006

YEA! The park is just about finished and I hope that everyone has had a chance to go and see it. It is a beautiful place for us to be proud of. I?’m sorry we didn?’t get to have the ribbon cutting ceremony in February. It turns out there was a holdup getting the electricity hooked up because some of the required paperwork was not finished in time.

As some of you may have noticed we also have some repairs to do to the new park already because of vandalism and because some idiot decided to drive his car through the poles and up onto the board walk.

There used to be a saying ?“Parents Do You Know Where Your Children Are?”? Well, that is my question to some of you. Our neighbors have had to call the sheriff?’s department to have an officer come to the park three times in the past month for vandalism in the park, mostly in the wooded area. Some of our teens have decided to set up house keeping in the wooded area. There is a couch, pillow and sleeping bag, 3 high back chairs, 2 recliners and a table not to mention an assortment of liquor bottles, beer and soda cans and other trash thrown about. The wooded area was designed as a nature trail for people to enjoy the native plants, animals and lakes that surround our park. If the kids want to gather we have a nice covered area in the park with picnic tables. There is also a city and county ordinance that states ?‘NO DRINKING?’ in the park. I don?’t know how many times we have picked up beer bottles as well as broken glass form several areas around the park. I can?’t understand why anyone wants to destroy the park that we have spent the past 4 years trying to get finished so as to help keep our neighborhood a better place to live. Several of our neighbors have discussed the vandalism problems with the sheriffs department and county has informed them that from now on, each time they have to respond to a call, they will proceed with a full investigation and the costs will be recovered by fines and/or prosecution of the guilty parties. This problem IS going to stop.

The ribbon cutting has been rescheduled for some time in May, at which time we will have more daylight hours and everything should be finished by then. We will keep everyone posted.

The speed tables should be installed before long. The company that was initially going to install them has relocated and the city had to send out for new bids. We really need them on Lockwood Ridge. There are still a lot of vehicles speeding on Lockwood Ridge with little or no concern for how close they come to the pedestrians walking to and from the park. This problem IS ALSO going to stop.

Now on another note ?– The city has asked us to inform our neighbors that they have noticed a lot of GREEN trash cans and other types of cans out after the pickups on Tuesday and Friday. City code states that you can not put them out for pickup until after 5:00pm on Monday and Thursday and they must be removed from the curb no later than 5:00 the day of the pickup. They must also be stored behind the front of the house, not in front; this goes for the recycle bins also.

It appears we are having the loud music showing up again from several of the neighborhoods vehicles. There is a law against this and please have a little consideration for your neighbors. One is a smaller red car and the other is a black car on Courtland. Please turn the music down when you leave or come into the neighborhood.

There has been an increase of new people coming to the meetings so please take time out and come for a visit with your neighbors and find out what is going on in YOUR neighborhood. We have a new city police Lieutenant with us now. Lt. LeBlanc has replaced Lt. Wall as our neighborhood contact. Lt. Wall retired in November so let?’s all come and welcome Lt. LeBlanc to our neighborhood this Tuesday at our meeting.

Mickey Emberton, President BTNA

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