annoying barking dogs and fecal odors

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There are many annoying barking dogs in the complex but the one next to me in particular is a problem.  The dogs are left out all day long while the tenants are at work.  They bark and howl constantly, especially when we are in the back yard.  They visciously attack the fence snarling and scratching when we are back there.  We cannot enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in the the morning or a lunch at the picnic table withough mayhem erupting from the dogs.  Not only that, the owncrs let feces lie on their patio surface and flies and odor have become a problem.  I have talked to the neighbors and left them a copy of the Glendale City barking dog ordinance.  They comply for a few days by keeping the dogs inside then after a few days return to leaving the dogs outside to again be a nuisance.  My step now is to notify the association and then if it does not improve, notify the City of Glendale animal control.  Being a good neighbor means doing your best to provide an enjoyable environment to live in without having to worry about noisy/messy dogs.  The feral cats here are enough of a nuisance.

I am living in hell also.  Being terrorized by criminal bully new neighbors.  They repeatedly trespass on my Mother's property, their dogs constantly make on our lawn, take out their very aggressive and evil dogs 5 times a day even nights.  They won't stop barking.  Happened again close to 9 am this morning.  I can't take it anymore.  I want them in jail.  They are evil.  They even put up over a month ago creepy evil lights not normal lights you see in front of a garage.  More bad luck has been leashed upon me.  Couple of months ago when taking my Mother's dog for a walk - their dogs almost killed my a Mother's dog.  Still traumatized by it.  I shake every day.  Last week the male bully new neighbor passed 9 pm -I heard two loud noises back to back.  I was in shock and scared seeing the male new neighbor flash his flashlight into other neighbor's windows and lanai vertical blinds then when he got to my Mother's property things got worse.  He allowed one of his dogs to pee on my Mother's lawn, flash his flashlight in my eyes for over 3 minutes, then saw him trespass on my Mother's driveway with his other dog then when he went into his foyer he continued to flash his flashlight in my eyes.  Help me I can't cope with this.  It's affecting my health.  The HOA administration won't do anything to stop these bad people.  Their not doing their jobs.  I cry every day.  My Mom is afraid to do anything and gets mad at me for trying.  Nobody should have to be endured with hellish neighbors.  They are indeed criminals and the bad thing is that police won't help.  I tried where I used to live and they let these bullies get away with it and now I have no home of my own.  I am hurting.

Boy are you the nut case !    NONE of what you listed is illegal, or abnormal, that is why the police do nothing. In fact I'm sure they have your address notated as  nut case! !  Your last place , you complained.... and now you are fee loading off of Mommy... Grow up , & get your own place & invest in some serious therapy ! NO ONE likes a constant drama queen who is a CONSTANT  complaining victim. Even your MOTHER has asked you to STOP !  Gee now lets review  Neighborhood assoc won't help, police won't help,  and Mommy doesn't want you doing anything....can you see here that you don't have a normal perspective on reality ?  You shake  & cry everday, your health is ruined,& you are beging for help....If you won't take Mommys adviced, you won't heed any ones advice. There are NUMEROUS solutions to this but you refuse to see them , because being a drama queen & life long member of the VICTIM club is the ONLY life you have !    !. Grow up & get your own place, get a full time job, volunteer & help people MUCH worse off than yourself, and get into THERAPY, you have VERY serious issues !  People are NOT CRIMINALS just because you don't like how they chose to live.

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