Barking Dogs

Posted in: Persimmon

I just wanted to express how aggravated I am from being woken up at 7:15am for no reason other than 3 barking dogs....They have been barking for over 1 hour, this is beyond rude and inconsiderate. This isn't the first time these dogs have been a nuisance to both neighborhoods.  All they do is bark, if you could please bring your dogs in when they start barking, especially at 7am that would be very much appreciated since this house location affects both neighborhoods! 

Amen! Are you refering to the 3 dogs near the new bridge? I live next door and have been dealing with it for 2 years now. I have had the polic3e out many times and have filmed the barking dogs for police but they really can't or won't do anything. I'm almost to the point of selling my home and moving. It's worse now with hte bridge. The HOA has been worthless and no help. If you are talking about other dogs, I can understand. When I walk in the neighborhood there are several unrulely dogs with little or no owner intervetion/control. Maybe if enough of us complain we can get some action to take place. Kelly Baker
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