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In December of 2007 I went to mediation concerning the lighting issue with the Medical building located behind my house. An agreement was made with The Management Company (Health Connect Properties). However, one of the Tenants (Focus On Kids) and The Maintenance Company (Schehn Maintenance Resources (shuehn@maintenance-resources.com) appear to be above the agreement.

I have lived at my residence since November of 1993 when the land was vacant behind me. It was not until march of 2005 that the property was developed. Now I have unnecessary lighting illuminating my bedroom late at night. Now I know these people do not care but you would think the property owner (Shoreline Capital II LLC) would after paying 5.7 million for the property? Even though that is minimal profits off the bottom line it is still profits. Maybe that is why they can not totally lease out the building because of the cost of the lease.

I do not know what it is about your weekend staff? Maybe, they do not understand English but it amazes me how from Monday through Thursday the staff can turn off all the interior building lights. However, the staff working Friday through Sunday is unable to flick a light switch off thus leaving the lights on all night long.




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