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Q: How do I copy text after I highlight it and paste it into Word or Notepad. I don't have the paste option in word after I copy it. If I can copy it, where can I paste it? Thanks for your help.

A: CTRL C will cut. CTRL V will paste.
Good luck!

How to Copy and Paste

updated 06 28 02
Computer Help Links
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"Plenty can (and all too often does) go wrong with computers. But lots of help is available online—and for free."
100 Best Computer RX Sites by,1845,dbapp_bestlist,00.html?sCategory=Computer+Rx&sSubmit=Search+By+Category

"Need to get organized? Wish you had offline storage of critical files? The Web is jammed with servants ready to do your bidding, and everything here is free."
100 Best Web Tools Sites by,1845,dbapp_bestlist,00.html?sCategory=Web+Tools&sSubmit=Search+By+Category

A1 Shareware Evaluations - Internet/Online

Advanced Counters

Andy's Computer help page

Annie's Computer Hints


in the Aw?–L prison library...
Aw?–L 101 Class Transcripts

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Aw?–L Press keyword page

To Aw?–L Prison, Division 6, or Not to Aw?–L Prison, Division 6 Part I

To Aw?–L Prison, Division 6, or Not to Aw?–L Prison, Division 6 Part II

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Aw?–L Suggested Safeguards

Aw?–L Search: Computers

Aw?–L Secrets

Aw?–L Secrets

Aw?–L Tricks

Aw?–L Tricks

Ask Mr. Modem



Beginners & Internet Help Information by snowhawk

NEW! - BonziBUDDY!


Captain Dave's Survival Center and Preparedness Resource

CAST: Bobby

The Center 2000 - From visa credit cards to web-site promotion

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Class Transcripts

CliffsNotes Computer: Windows 98 desktop

CliffsNotes: Your shortcut to success - with computers!

CliffsNotes: Your shortcut to success -- on the Internet


The Comic Chat Help Site (FAQs, Color Characters, Backgrounds,

"Keeping It Short and Simple...
Kiss Your Computer Frustrations Goodbye"
Welcome to Compu-KISS

Computers and Technology

Computer Help Links

for Mac and PC
Computer Help Links by JSLurie

Welcome to

Computer Problems Does the "!0000" trick really work?

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Computer Protection


Computer Componets

The Art of Double Clicking

A Quick Tour of Windows

Beyond the Basics

How Do You Connect to the Internet?

More E-mail Info

What is the Internet and How Do I Get There?

More info about browsers and the Internet

Software and how to manipulate files in Windows


How to drag & drop files and copy and move files using this method
Computer - Lesson #15

What is up with all the folders in the windows explorer anyway?

All About the Internet

Computer - Lesson # 18

Dial-up Networking & ways to connect to the Internet

Computing and Internet Dictionaries: The Most Comprehensive Listings on the Internet.

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Computing A -- E Keywords

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Computing F -- L Keywords

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Computing M -- O Keywords

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Computing P -- S Keywords

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Computing T -- Z Keywords

Coolsig - Find Great Email Signature Files!

How to copy & paste email sigs.

The Copyright Website

Copyright Your Website

Create an Auto Reply for Your E-Mail

for Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT (Intel)
Posted 9/6/2000
Crescendo Version 5.1

--- Cookies ---

"You're in Serious Trouble - It's a Proven Fact!
Deleting "Internet Cache and History" will NOT protect you because any of the Web Pages, Pictures, Movies, Videos, Sounds, E-mail, Chat Logs and Everything Else you see or do could easily be recovered to Haunt you forever! How would you feel if a snoop made this information public to your Spouse, Mother & Father, Neighbors, Children, Boss, Church or the Media? It could easily Ruin Your Life! Solve all your problems and enjoy all the benefits of an "As New PC" Right Now! Evidence Eliminator can Speed-Up your PC/Internet Browser, reclaim Hard Disk space and Professionally Clean your PC in one easy mouse click!"
Evidence Eliminator - What evidence is on your hard drive?

Removing Temporary Files From Your Puter

Deltree 2000 is here...
Clickfingr's Freeware

"Cookies are a particular means of maintaining 'state' information, so that a web-server 'remembers' where its conversation with a particular web-browser is up to."

Cookie Central

Cookie Central - Cookie FAQ

Cookie Central - Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape 4.0 UPdates

Cookies and the Law

D2's Maintenance you should do's "How Internet Cookies Work"

--- end Cookies ---


D2's Tips N Links Site Index

D2's Tips N Links

D2's Maintenance you should do

D2's Tips - Online Safety - Should You Hide in Cyberspace? Story

D2's Hacker News News

Deja Vu: (re-)creating web history

"If you want a powerful and reliable PC at the best price possible, buying a Dell computer is the way to go. With an excellent reputation and a comprehensive line of desktop and notebook computers, Dell is the prime choice for the PC buyer. Buying a Dell computer through Dell's web site is easy. Just choose a base model at a price you like and customize it exactly how you want it!"
PC: Dell

d e v h e a d

Welcome to Dialpad

Domain name suffixes explained

DownLoad32  Shareware Download site


EFFweb - Top 12 Way to Protect Your Online Privacy

Electronic Privacy Information Center

"emailStripper is a free program for cleaning the ">" and other formatting characters out of your emails. It will restore "forwarded" or "replied" emails back to their original state so they're easier to read."
E-Mail Stripper - Main Page

--- Easter Eggs ---

What is an "Easter Egg"? - The term "Easter Egg", as we use it here, means any amusing tidbit that creators hid in their creations. They could be in computer software, movies, music, art, books, or even your watch. There are thousands of them, and they can be quite entertaining, if you know where to look. A couple of our favorites are the "Spy Hunter"-like game in Microsoft Excel 2000 and the "Wacky Search Menu" in Internet Explorer 5. This site will help you discover Easter Eggs in the things you see and use everyday, and let you share Easter Eggs you discover with the rest of the world. - Software - CNET's Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Archive: Easter Eggs in Software, Movies, Music, and More

Easter Eggs : Books

Easter Eggs : Computers

Easter Eggs : Movies

Easter Eggs : Music

Easter Eggs : TV

"Easter Eggs are secret code hidden in operating systems or software. Most of these eggs are fun and easy to do. The keystrokes execute the trick that the programmers developed. These tricks usually do stuff like show hidden images or play tunes, and show hidden messages. Stuff like that. Have fun and and do them at your own risk. I don't know of any that are harmful, but they are fun! Enjoy"
Easter Egg Database: Secret Computer Code-Easter Eggs Parts 1-2

--- end Easter Eggs ---

--- Emoticons ---

emoticon (noun). A figure created with the symbols on the
keyboard. Read with the head tilted to the left. Used to
convey the spirit in which a line of text is typed.

in the Aw?–L prison library...
CDN Smileys and Shorthand



Emoticons List
Glossary of E-mail and Online Chat Acronyms

Signatures, Smileys & Acronyms - Email - Net Links


Smileys and Emoticons for Effective Communication

--- end Emoticons ---


Far More Than Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About...

Figlet Server

in the Aw?–L prison library...
File and System Maintenance

File and Url Converter

Fletch's Fun Downloads and Computer help

Focus on AOL - Home Page

FortuneCity Helping Hands

Free Computer Help

Free Computer and Software Help

FreeShop - Software of the Month - Free Software

FreewareWeb - Your One Stop Freeware Source!

Free Win 95 Applications


Gator saves you time and hassle. Once you install Gator, you never have to type in the same information again and again on registration or order forms. You never have to remember a password, an account number, or a log-in ID. Gator does it all automatically! Sign up today and get $100 in free coupons from web merchants.
Gator guards your information in an encrypted file on your computer. It surfaces only when you need it and only with what you authorize

Glossary of Computer and Internet Terms

Glossary of Internet Terms

GoBack by Wild File

Guide to Computer Vendors-TM


Hidden Features in the New Windows by John Mimbres

HotWired: Webmonkey

How Do I....?

How DO I download, draw and save this stuff?

"Do you know how big a Megabyte is? A Gigabyte? A Terabyte? Perhaps this page will help."
How Much Data Is That?

Howstuffworks - Electronics

How To Center Text and Graphics on A Bordered Background

How to Copy and Paste

in the Aw?–L prison library...
How To Copy & Paste

in the Aw?–L prison library...
How to Download

in the Aw?–L prison library...
How To Download II

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Using Hyperlinks


ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network

"Do you know you are being watched every time you surf the Internet? Find out who is watching you. Protect your privacy."
Welcome to the IDcide Website

In His Name -The Christian Resource Site

InoculateIT Personal Edition

Welcome to the Internet Explorer 5 Companion

very funny...
Internet Tech Support

Internet Tips and Secrets for enjoyment and profit



James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door


Jay's Page

Joy's PC Help Page

Jumbo! Guides


Kevin's Computer Help

KeyTrax Productions Inc. - Where Creative Innovations Are Made Daily

L's Computer Tips

L&H is the leading worldwide provider of speech and language products, technologies and services, including speech recognition, text to speech, compression, and translation.
Lernout & Hauspie: The Speech and Language Company


Links to Tutorials

The List -- The Definitive ISP Buyer's Guide

home life, autos, computers, pets, homework help...
Welcome to Live! Ask and Answer

LiveCursors - Cursor Freeware from Comet Systems

Living with Your Computer - Tips


MailCleaner Home Page

Main Quad: Web Creator.

Making your own .wavs

Here's a new site that's also a freebie. It allows you to upload your Internet Explorer and Netscape bookmarks and store them online. This can be very handy if you're going away and/or want to access your bookmark files from another computer. You can also add url's directly to your MarkSet account without leaving the page you're on, and even store
email addresses. You can also download your bookmarks from MarkSet. This is a great feature if you ever have to reformat your hard drive
like I just did. When you reinstall your browser, you can go get your old bookmarks so you don't lose them. Handy!

Microsoft Chat Home

Welcome to Microsoft's Homepage

FREEBIE JEEBIES - Registry Cleaner
When you install and uninstall software, many times registry
entries can get left behind or become corrupted. This can
affect your computers performance.

Microsoft's free Registry Cleaner (regclean.exe) can find
those orphaned and corrupted files and often restore you
computer to a more optimal operating state.

Microsoft's RegClean 4.1a Description and General Issues

Microsoft WORKS 4.0

Microsoft Works 4.0 For Windows 95; With Disk...

Microsoft Works 4.0 Home Page

mIRC - Download mIRC or the mIRC FAQ.

Monitors and frees Random Access Memory

More conventional RAM in Windows 95

More Information about My Own Email

Mortal Portal

Mungoland entrance

MyBookmarks - access your bookmarks online anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to - Your Everything Online Image Editor

Myspace. Data storage, collaboration and management


nbci has a new ez web page builder obviously

Neat Net Tricks

Net Detours is a rollicking romp down the back roads and byways that lie off the Information Superhighway -- a light-hearted and non-technical look at what real people, from school kids to senior citizens, are doing online.
Net Detours

NetGuide: Tips guide


NetMind Home

Newbie-U: New User University

NewsFactor Network

Northern Webs - North Idaho's Premier Web Design Studio


in the A?–L Prison library...
On The Net

Open Directory - Computers

in the A?–L Prison library...
Organizing Your Favorite Places

"The Outpost is one of the best e-tailers around. With unbeatable 24 hour customer service and a 30 day money-back guarantee on all items, you can't go wrong shopping at the Outpost. If you're looking for the latest Macs, PCs, peripherials, software, or accessories, you'll find it at the Outpost. They even have FREE SHIPPING with every order over $500."


Patti's Place for Everything You Wanted to Know about Designing Your Own Web Page

Patti's Place for Web Development

PC Advisor: Expert Advice in Plain English

PC World Online: FileWorld,1458,4819,00.html

PKWARE, Inc. The Data Compression Experts!

Pass The Shareware - Shareware And Freeware Sites And Downloads

The Pixel Foundry

PowerTools Features

preventing search engines from seeing my homepage
ways to enable search engines in finding my homepage

Put your browser to the Test free!

--- Programming Tools ---

"Plenty can (and all too often does) go wrong with computers. But lots of help is available online—and for free."
100 Best Computer RX Sites by,1845,dbapp_bestlist,00.html?sCategory=Computer+Rx&sSubmit=Search+By+Category

"Need to get organized? Wish you had offline storage of critical files? The Web is jammed with servants ready to do your bidding, and everything here is free."
100 Best Web Tools Sites by,1845,dbapp_bestlist,00.html?sCategory=Web+Tools&sSubmit=Search+By+Category

Advanced Counters

Andy's Computer help page

On this site you can download and use FOR FREE a couple of programs for graphicians, artists and web designers. Usable as screen saver too!
Anfy Team Home Page

Andy's Computer help page

Annie's Computer Hints

Annie's Simple Guide to Home Page Design

Beginners & Internet Help Information by snowhawk


CliffsNotes: Your shortcut to success - with computers!

CliffsNotes: Your shortcut to success -- on the Internet
"Keeping It Short and Simple...
Kiss Your Computer Frustrations Goodbye"
Welcome to Compu-KISS

Computers and Technology

Computer Help Links

for Mac and PC
Computer Help Links by JSLurie

Welcome to

D2's Tips N Links Site Index

D2's Tips N Links

D2's Hacker News News

DOS / Batch Files / Windows / UNIX / HTML / PC Hardware

Far More Than Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About...

File and Url Converter

Fletch's Fun Downloads and Computer help

FortuneCity Helping Hands

Free Computer Help

Free Computer and Software Help

HTML Assistant Pro

HTML Help On-line

Learn about microprocessors, mice, hard disks and much more!
Howstuffworks - Computers

HTML for Beginners / Web Developer ®

HYPE's Color Specifier for Netscape v.3

The IBM Intellectual Property Network lets you search, retrieve and study nearly four million patent and patent application documents.
IBM Intellectual Property Network

Index Dot HTML: THE Advanced HTML Reference

Internetter - HTML and Web Design Secrets



Jay's Page

Joy's PC Help Page

Kevin's Computer Help's Computer Tips


Links to Tutorials

Lissa Explains it All: HTML Help for Kids

Living with Your Computer - Tips

NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML Home Page

NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation

NUTTY NET TUTOR - by Boogie Jack

Programmer's Corner

Spoofy's Editing World

SquareOne Technology Free Online WWW/Internet Tutorials

SquareOne Technology: The Answer Guy

Tricks, Tips, Tools & Codes

Tricks, Tips, Tools & Codes 2

*** Programming JAVA ***

Aw?–L Applet Information

Captain Java's Free Java Applets

Java Applets

The JavaScript Source is an excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages. All for free!
The Javascript Source

JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources

The Lake Applet

Rose's Java page


Tom's Java Applet Collection

*** end Programming JAVA ***

--- end Programming Tools ----



Redneck-Puters: Your source for Windows and computer help, reference, news, software, games, cartoons and more!

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Reinstall Windows 95

Rocket Download Program Review


Shared Folders - Logon

S.H.O.P. (Sites Helping Other People)

in the A?–L prison library
Scan Me!


Tech Tips for Older Netizens
Nostalgic for the simplicity of your old Underhill typewriter? Not to worry—SeniorNet is a San Francisco-based Web site that offers older Internet users all the advice, tips, and hints they need to make the most out of the Web, from searching for information to coping with the arcana of modems, drives, and software. The site also features a wealth of things to do, including chatting in online book clubs, investing online, and more.

Sniffers Your one-stop source for Shareware, Freeware, Demos and More.


Star Boulevard Transload Service

Star Trek Communicator Intro

in the Aw?–L prison library...
Start Your Own Newsletter

Surf Madison - Library


Tanker Nut: Home page of humorous computer help and KC-135 reference

define that computer term...


Technical Dictionary Online: The Most Comprehensive Listings on the Internet.

Ten Ways To Make Windows Run Better

Test your actual MODEM speed online for FREE here!

Test your PC's performance-Online and Free

Text-to-Speech Synthesis

ThemeStream: Computers


U.S. Copyright Office, Information Circulars and Factsheets and FL's

Use Eraser to Remove Data From Your Hard Drive

Using Microsoft Works 4.0 for Windows 95

Using Microsoft Works 4.0 for Windows 95, 1/e

Using Microsoft Works 4.0 For Windows 95 by S...


FREE! Voice E-Mail Player



in the A?–L prison library...
Web Art Resource Center

Welcome to the Web Diner! Web Page Tutorials, Help, Downloadable Clipart and More!

Webmaster Tips~Castleberry Arts

Web page Designers, Programmers, Consultants Search Engine

cleans out cache and deletes cookies 30 day free trial
Webroot Software Downloads - Windows 95 98 & NT - Secure - Monitor - Filter

Web Site Garage: Summary Report

abc's of html...
Web Themes by vikimouse

Hound Doggy's HTML help...
Webtv Help---Most Of This Is Intended For Webtver's

What AW?–L Users Don't Know About Email Links Home Page - alphabetical list for frames (frames)...E-Mail for Beginners

What is X:drive

The Willcam Group - Compact Index of HTML Tags

Windows 95 Tips for AOL

Windows 98 Tips for AOL

Windows 2000 Home Page

WinSite! The place for shareware, demoware, trialware, tips and utilties for your computer


Xdrive - Your FREE Hard Drive on the Internet!

Your Site Needs An Audience

ZDNet Software Library - Download top-rated shareware, freeware, demos and more

ZDNet Software Library - IM Machine

scrambles, locks and shreds e-mail.
ZipLip: Sign-in Page

About Viruses in E-mail!

About that VIRUS!

The only way to get a computer virus is to download an infected, executable
file (like .EXE or .COM) and then run it; or use an infected boot up disk. "A
virus CAN NOT be spread to your computer from merely opening your
e-mail... but BEWARE of the attachment files." -- And that WAS TRUE until
someone dug a tunnel into Microsoft's E-mail program. If you use Microsoft
Outlook (or Outlook Express) with Internet Explorer, you need to stay alert of the viruses that are popping up.

For more Microsoft virus information check their Security Advisor Bulletin. You can signup for their free security bulletins if you want them.

Symantec offers Free online virus checks with their latest Norton Antivirus, and for all their virus information check out Symantec antiVirus Research Center. You can subscribe to Symantec's SARC AntiVirus Newsletter which they e-mail to you
with the real virus alerts. They also maintain a list of common virus hoaxes that constantly flood our mailboxes. Same for McAfee. You can sign up for virus notices, read their latest virus information, and/or check your pc free online.

I highly recommend you always check a virus hoax list before ever passing on
virus information. It's good to want to warn friends of virus dangers, but they
should indeed be true warnings rather than more forwarded hoaxes.

Beginners & Internet Help Information by snowhawk: About that VIRUS!

Cleaning House Removing Temporary Files From Your Puter

"Please go to the bottom of the page
for some great links to even better improve your puters..

I dug this out of my files and think it needs to be dusted off and shown again...A special thank you to RunningDeer Wolf for sending me the original....

This Cleaning Program works on all
Windows 95 and Windows 98 Programs!!
Mac users...Please see the MAC link below !!

Routine Tune-up's for Computers
(Author unknown)

The following 6 actions should be done at least once a month. However, heavy internet usage dictates that they be done once a week. By not doing these actions, you will see your computer performing slower & slower until it may finally lock up. It will eventually not execute programs correctly (events out of order, colors wrong, sounds broken, etc.) and on most computer's the mouse will disappear! All you can do then is press reset but it will disappear again shortly. So, take a deep breath & let's get into your machine.

HONEY, will you take out the trash pleeeeease?

First, let's find the trash. Click START/FIND/FILES OR FOLDERS. Type in *.tmp then ENTER. These temporary files are created by Windows and are SUPPOSED (minor Windows flaw) to be closed out when you shut down your computer. Sometimes Windows forgets some. Enough of those leftovers are called TRASH! Delete them.

Second, Remember the letter to Mr?Miss Wonderful that you wrote months ago before you found out they were not worthy of your time? Throw it & all the other "old stuff" into the recycle bin by deleting them. Especially true for old pictures.

Third, Empty the recycle bin! Every time you empty the kitchen trash can, empty the recycle bin for me, ok? It's icon looks like a trash can for a reason!

Keep minimum stuff ( bytes:-)) on your CLIPBOARD. Clipboard stuff is stored on your RAM memory. You were probably too cheep to get lots of RAM so don't slow down your system by using up RAM to hold something you don't need. When something is put on the clipboard, Windows wipes it clean first. So why not put something tiny on the clipboard to keep the RAM freed up for faster computing? Let's do to: Put onto the desktop any text document like this one your're reading now. Highlight a small"Pete" Do this by holding down the "Ctrl" key and run the mouse over..."Pete" You just cleaned off the clipboard & put "pete" on it "Pete" is a lot smaller then the last item you coppied/cut or whatever some program decided to put there for quick use. RAM is "precious"' protect it always.

CLEAN out THE Internet folder. Each time you visit a web site & click through it's pages, each page's web address is stored in the HISTORY folder and the TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES folder. Two hour's on the web & my folder is so full my mouse freezes! Delet them away. Click START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL Double click on the INTERNET icon. The folder you're looking at has 6 tabs. We will deal with the NAVIGATION and ADVANCED tabs.

Click NAVIGATION. See "HISTORY" on the bottom half? Set the days to 1 if you use the web a lot, set to 5 if you don't. Now click "VIEW HISTORY" You can count them or look at the total at the bottom left. Anyone else on your ‘puter can see wher you've been!! But, too many will clog up your machine. Click EDIT/SELECT ALL, now click FILE/DELETE. Close the NAVIGATION window.

Click ADVANCED. See the TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES in the middle? Click "View files"- Click EDIT/SELECT ALL, now click FILE/DELETE. Close the TEMPORARY INTERNET WINDOW. While you're on this ADVANCED page, put a check mark next to the "Warn Before Accepting Cookies" I'll tell ya about cookies later. Close the Internet Properties window then close the Control Panel window. Now we gotta do two built-in Window95- maintenance programs

SCAN DISK Basically it scans the disk for errors. Click START/PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/SYSTEM TOOLS/SCANDISK. Make sure there is or put a dot next to "THOROUGH" and a check next to "Automatically FIX ERRORS". Click start and go do the weeks laundry cuz it usually takes a while. When it's done, close the window. Piece of cake, huh?

DEFRAG Imagine a bag of M&M's on a platter, then you eat all the red ones. I come over and eat all the yellow ones. See all those random empty spaces on the platter, that's what your hard drive looks like if you don't DEFRAG once in a while. It takes the hard drive longer to find information if it's scattered around like the M&M's. Let's push them all together. Click START/PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/SYSTEM TOOLS/DISK DEFRAGMENTER. On the tiny window that appears, click "OK". On the next tiny window, click "START" Zooooom,off it goes! Think I was silly about the M&M crap? Click "SHOW DETAILS" (told ya)


Cookies are a mini tattle tale program that a web site wants to put onto your hard drive. Cookies look at the web addresses in your Internet History folder and tell the web site what other web sites you have visited. Is it for marketing or spying or to find out what your interests are so you can be sent even more junk mail (spam). If you've never heard of cookies, then you're probably laughing at me like the M&M story. OK, follow me for a reality check. Click START/PROGRAMS/WINDOWS/EXPLORER. Think of what you see as a book that's folder open. Whatever you highlight (by clicking on the word) on the left, it's contents will be shown on the right. On the left page, click the " " next to the word ‘WINDOWS'. Under WINDOWS ARE all the sub folders in WINDOWS. Oh my gosh! Is there really a folder called COOKIES? Click on the word COOKIES to highlight it. The right page will now show it's contents. If you didn't know anything about COOKIES before now, and you didn't have a check next to "WARN BEFORE ACCEPTING COOKIES" on the ADVANCED TAB folder in Intenet Properties, I'll bet you've got a lot of damn COOKIES on the right page. They're all squealing like 7 th grade red-headed girls gossiping. Let's flush them out. Click EDIT/SELECT ALL, click FILE/DELET. What? You say they all didn't go away? HaHa, you learnd too late and you've got a taste of..."SUPER COOKIE". 256 & 2048 are Super Booger cookies, look bad, taste bad & they're all yours.

A special "Thank You" to one of my new found AOL friends for finding this site for me....EVERYTHING....And I mean EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about these lovely cookies can be found on this site....A very informative site....Please check it out..


And last but not least, let us not forget all those little temp devils in our MS-DOS. This is where all these temporary files wind up if we are not careful.

To delete these, we must do the following.....

1) Shut all open programs down..
2) Click to Windows..Start..
3) Click on Shut Down..
4) Make sure the little black dot is in front of..
Re-Start in MS-DOS..
5) Click on Enter...
6) You should now be in MS-DOS mode..
7) Look down left side of your screen for Windows prompt:
8) Type in... deltree tempor~1
9) Click on Enter..
10) You will be asked
if you want to delete all temp files...yn
11) Click on..y..
12) Click on enter..
13) You should now be deleting all temp files in MS-DOS...
14) If you have never done this before,
you may find this may take a while,
so sit back and relax...
15) When it is all done deleting,
it will show you the Windows prompt again..
16) At this point, all that remains is to hit..
Control, Alt, Delete, the same time to reboot..

This added extra was sent to me from another dear lady from AOL..
You AOL'ers have been so kind and helpful to me...
Just want to say, " THANKS "

And now on to the next item of business.....

~~Remove Whats Downloaded~~

When you download a picture, a wav or anything else it is downloaded to your hard drive. They usually go to AOL/download and can be found by going to Download via your Insert Picture, through File and Open or through Windows Explorer. When you go to Insert Picture or File you are actually seeing them in the directory in Windows Explorer.

Deleting mail from your mail or your file cabinet does not delete a download. It just deletes what delivered the download. If you want to delete it you can do it from Insert Picture or File by right clicking on the item and selecting "Delete". You can also go to Windows Explorer and delete it from AOL. Once deleted from any one of these places will delete the actual download. You can still have it in your File Cabinet but it is no longer downloaded.

~Another Important AOL Fact~

I, as an Aol to 5.0 recently quite by mistake
found under "mail Centre" there is an option called "recently deleted mail" .......

I was shocked to see the huge number that was in mine. These also can be highlighted and chose "permanently delete" .....there were a huge number in mine and I have no idea what kind of space they were taking.

Lets just say if even a third had a pic or a wav attached, the space wasted was too much! I hope you find this helpful.

Thank You Lori, I'm sure this will help many users of aol..

More AOL EMAIL help from KATHY....

Hi,--I got your page as a link from a friend-- love the site and links it has.
One little correction, though. On the "recently deleted mail" thing on AOL 5.0-- these are stored only ONLINE--and so have no effect on 'your' computer performance at all-- just a nice backup in case you delete something and then would like to review it or save it.

Your Puter Now Thanks You.....

Have a wonderful day and I hope all goes well for you....


Posted by mellie on 11/08/2002
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