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Destructive Children

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My neighbor and I are owners in Montefino and have been for four years. This year we have seen an increase in young children destroying our neighborhood and the parents or responsible party do not do a thing about it. I live next door to a ''renter'' who has three children that continually run rampant in the neighborhood with the preteen girl on the corner who is home alone and parents do not care what she does. The mother lives in the house and the dad lives in a house around the corner. Last night I came home to two of these children literally throwing a scooter against a trash can, over and over again. They push the trash cans over, throw rocks and scream and run around the neighborhood making Montefino a very unpleasant place to live. If you would like to email me on this, that would be fine. I am sure my view is shared by many in our neighborhood.

I moved in to this community a month after this post and never saw what this person is talking about.  I did see discrimination constantly against "renters"...heaven forbid that they should EVEN exist! (according to the previous poster!)  They pick on children in this community. My daughter was reprimanded for yelling when a huge bee buzzed near her!


I can only hope that this owner and all the other snobby "owners" are reduced to circumstances where they must rent their own homes out or must become the  dreaded "renters"!

It seems that you have an attitude about the fact that your renting. Look at the positive , you get a great neighborhood to live on and your not responsible for anything regarding house repairs . You have a lovely home to live in. We want to sell our home and buy a house in Montefino Village, but if there are situations such as the first post and a renter with attitude toward owners . It doesn't seem like a nice like such s nice place to live after all.
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Since when are we not responsible fr any house repairs? I haven't obtained that benefit at all? I guess it's all n who you know eh?


I think HOA's are a scam. What happened to the good old days when kids could be kids and play outside? 


Some people in this neighborhood have nothing else better t do than to seek out trouble and find was to complain. It's very sad.

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