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 To whom it may concern, 

The following gives a full account of the dealings with Ms. Bianca Suwanasung of in San Antonio, Texas.  

I'm writing to express my disappointment in the transaction and convey my deepest concern for the health and safety of the remaining animals in Ms. Suwanasung's care.  After hours of research, I've come to the conclusion that Ms. Suwanasung is not acting in the best interest of the animals she sells and their health is severely in jeopardy.  

 Transaction summary & events following:

Through internet research, and as a surprise gift to my daughter and I, my husband, found Ms. Bianca Suwanasung's information via  Seeing a picture of a Maltipoo, and after communicating with Bianca over the phone, my husband paid for the dog via our credit card on 12/13/08.  The cost for the dog was $799.  Bianca then agreed to meet my husband in New Braunfels, TX on 12/24/08 with the puppy.  (We live in Austin and they agreed upon New Braunfels as a meeting place). 

On 12/24/08, the day we received our puppy, we noticed blood in her diarrhea-consistency stool.  The bloody diarrhea continued approximately ever 30-minutes. For fear that something was seriously wrong, we took her (on 12/25/08) to the Animal Emergency Clinic of Central Texas in Round Rock, TX.  After numerous tests, it was determined that our new puppy had a intestinal parasite called Giardia*.   At the vet's recommendation, we started her on medication right away.

On the night of 12/29/08, our puppy began coughing persistency and having difficulty breathing.  I took her to the Hometown Vet Care Clinic in town on the morning of 12/30/08.  It was then determined that our puppy had kennel cough, which is especially serious in small puppies.  At the vet's recommendation, we immediately started her on medication.  Our puppy was now on three medications, as she was still dealing with the intestinal parasite.

On the evening of 1/2/09, our dog began having very serious problems breathing.  Fearing that she would not survive without rapid treatment, we immediately contacted the local emergency clinic.  On the morning of 1/3/09, it was determined that our dog had developed pneumonia, which was a result of the kennel cough and her weak immune system. 

On 12/26/08, I contacted Bianca to let her know about the issues we were having.  She responded saying that the stress of a new environment can bring on such illnesses.

We have now had three veterinarians evaluate our puppy's condition and all three agreed that the puppy was harboring these illnesses before she came into our possession. 

We feel it is only right that Ms. Suwanasung reimburse us at least $500 in veterinarian bills.  

On 1/5/09, and again on 1/6/09, we contacted Bianca via her cell phone to explain our puppy's full condition.  She has not agreed to a refund.  

More important than the refunded vet bills, is the fact that Ms. Suwanasung is still breeding animals that may be in the same condition.  We've found numerous accounts via internet search that lead us to believe this situation has happened on a number of occasions with Ms. Suwanasung.   Our sincere hope is that Ms. Suwanasung with stop breeding animals that she can not properly care for.  We believe her establishment to be a "puppy mill" and not a healthy environment for animals.   

Contact information for Bianca Suwanasung:

My Precious Maltipoos (and Chihuahuas)

Cell Phone: 210-859-8041 

Vet Bills to date:

  • Animal Emergency Clinic of Central Texas - $244.58, 12/25/08
  • Hometown Animal Care in Pflugerville, TX- $86.75, 12/30/08
  • Hometown Animal Care of Pflugerville, TX- $106.77, 1/3/09
  • Hometown Animal Care of Pflugerville, TX- $234.26, 1/5/09
  • Hometown Animal Care of Pflugerville, TX- $66.00, 1/6/09. For hospitalization and nebulization treatments
  • Hometown Animal Care of Pflugerville, TX- $86.05, 1/7/09. For hospitalization and nebulization treatments and medicine 

Total charges for veterinarian care to date: $824.41 

* Giardia are protozoans, tiny, one-celled parasitic life forms with the potential to cause serious illness. . If the dog has an immature or overburdened immune system, the trophozoites continue to multiply by dividing and can cause the debilitating disease.


My story coming soon............word of advise do not buy a puppy from this website you will see why soon.

I had the exact same experience with Bianca.  I spent $10,000 to try to save the puppy she sent me, but had to put her to sleep in the end.  Now I am trying to shut down Bianca's business with authorities in Texas.  Any interest in filing a class action law suit?  You can contact me at  if you are also interested in shutting down Bianca.

For those of you who have been waiting and following our blogs, This is a detailed account of our dealings with Bianca Suwansung/ now known as AKA Yourtinypuppy/justyourpup not to mention a few other names that have been linked to Bianca Suwansung.

Yes, RB and KC are related. We are sisters. On December 17th we purchased two 'maltipoos from Bianca Suwansung/ Below is an email sent to Bianca detailing the events that have led us to hit the internet and search for help and answers. This is what we have been dealing with since we picked our puppies up at Boston Logan International Airport on December 20th 2008. This has been a heartbreaking experience that has left us exhausted, hurt and frustrated beyond words.


On December 17th, 2008 my sister and I purchased two maltipoos from one of your many websites. At the time we were only aware of Precious and that is where our business was done. We paid you $1,900.00 for two puppies that you stated were 8 weeks old. We had NO reason to believe you were anything other than what you said you were. A Breeder who bred Maltese and miniature poodles from your home.

We were all so excited to receive our new puppies. However, this was short lived. The puppies arrived at Boston International airport on December 20th 2008 much younger than the stated age. They were quite weak with very foul smelling diarrhea. Within two days my ten-month-old puppy caught whatever you sent and became quite sick, we thought we may loose him.

Concerned I called you on the 23rd of December and begged you to be honest with me, I didn't mind nursing the puppies back to health but I did not want to loose my ten-month-old due to something that came from Texas.

You assured me you ran a clean operation. When I questioned you about a tick found in one of the puppy's ear, your response was one of your bigger dogs brought it in. When I told you that the puppies had hookworm, coccidia and c-diff, you stated you didn't know what c-diff was. I took the time and explained it to you and explained to you how they treat it. I found that to be quite odd, but I was more concerned at that time with getting the puppies better. You appeared concerned and thoughtful, but you never followed up to see how any of us were doing.

We were very busy, basically we had NO Christmas. We spent several days hand syringe feeding and watering two puppies that were too young and too weak to eat or drink. We were also medicating two puppies continuously and praying they would survive. I have all the medical records for your reading enjoyment, should you want to review. One of the puppies ended up dying, as you are well aware.

You again, appeared concerned for the loss and stated you would replace the puppy. You told my sister to pick the puppy of her choice and you would send that puppy to NH. She did. And you turn around and sell that puppy she chose and sent her another one, which, obviously, you couldn't sell.

As all this occurred throughout the weeks, I start looking around out there and I find some pretty rotten things being said about you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and hoped this was all untrue. But the facts remain the facts.

1. You sell sick puppies.
2. Your actions speak louder than your words. Although you sound quite concerned, you're not. After contacting you with such horrible news back in December, not one phone call made by you to check on your puppies or your customers. Very odd and VERY concerning.
3. You stated to me that you were a breeder. You stated that you and your sister have females and males, you breed, raise them in your home and sell them. I'm not sure what you really are and I do intend to find out, but, surely you are not a breeder.
4. You've changed your website name SEVERAL different times.
5. You claim that one customer has been upset with you, and this is where the “bad" things are being said. Fact is, there are several concerned customers out there.
6. You are being investigated by animal control.
7. Your vet (Kothmand Pet Hospital) will not see you, your sister or your puppies anymore.
8. You recently found a new vet, (Dr. Kyzan), he will not see you anymore either.
9. You sent my sister a puppy without being cleared by a vet. In fact, you sent a false record that belonged to a different puppy. Her puppy was never seen by a vet and yet, that puppy was flown to Boston. I believe that is quite illegal.
10. You again, sent my sister a sick puppy. Funny thing about this is, , , back in December when I made my original concerned call to you, you admitted there was an outbreak of coccida/parasites, , , ,why wouldn't of you had those puppies tested, firm stool or not before they dared left your home. Why? You could of contained this long ago.
11. Your sister has these puppies somewhere in Universal City. You keep only a couple in your home, no parents.
12. You sell puppies, I believe, illegally. I am a registered nurse. I can't take on patients telling them I am a doctor and treat them as such. This would be criminal.
13. Again I will mentioned, my sister picked out a puppy, you told her it was hers, You lied, you sold her puppy and sent her I am not sure what. And, you sent this puppy from San Antonio, to Houston, to Boston without a vet check.

This is sickening that someone could do something so cruel to someone else. We, in good faith, got totally ripped off. Bianca, I spoke with you yesterday and I will say it again, this is all going to catch up with you. You can't do this to people who work hard for their money. You cannot keep abusing animals and lying like this, it is wrong.

I want my money back. I want my sister's and my money back. You owe us that. If you don't send the money back, I am forwarding this letter to the Texas Animal Control officer that is less than pleased with your actions. You provided such a dishonest service to me and my sister it is vomit provoking, you want a good name then do the right thing and it will be known you did the right thing. You want this to go public then keep laughing at me. The choice is yours.

Since this email was sent, Bianca stated she would refund my sister and my money. However, this does NOT change the damage she has done to us emotionally or financially, it does NOT change the harm she has caused these poor little puppies being taken and flown all over the place. This is a tragic situation that needs to NEVER happen again. I also believe that Bianca should be responsible for the thousands of dollars of vet bills that we have acquired since purchasing and trying to save her puppies.

Numbers for verification are listed below and believe me, these people would love to hear from you, Please call:
Animal Control: Joseph Flores: 1-210-207-6664
VET #1: Kothmann Pet Hospital: 1-210-828-3935
VET #2: Dr. Kyzan Community Pet Health 1-210-653-9314

Thank you very much and please save yourself the heart/financial ache of purchasing a puppy from this woman. RB
Chester, New Hampshire
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