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The end of Amphi Neighborhood Association?

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If there's no interest from any to take over leadership, there will be a vote to dissolve the neighborhood association and which non-profit our finances will go to. (per last meeting notice). Now what?

"Now what?"

 Now we get our "representative" Ms. Uhlich to represent her constituents rather than use yet another layer of bureaucracy and "community activism" to insulate herself and her culpability from what she has done to this city.  She has half a dozen aides and herself to interact with the 80,0000 residents of Ward III (our US Senators have 1 aide per 100,000 people). She is more than capable of responding to the needs of her constituents with out setting up another form of governance beneath her. That is if she can actually make a stand regarding priorities based on principles; maintaining/growing the size of the city payroll and use forcibly taken tax dollars to promote solar energy are not principled priorities.

Remember she works for and serves you.

If you need something done CALL HER OFFICE. She is the one that was elected by YOU and is being paid by money taken from you.  If she cannot do this simple job then she is either trying to manufacture/maintain another progressive liberal, top-heavy governing structure or she is not capable of doing her job. Either way she needs to be replaced with someone who will actually represent the residents.

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